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“Blame it on a simple twist of fate.” Bob Dylan

Cosmic Word Of The Day: Twist

(Mercury square Uranus.)

Twist: 1) to turn (something) from one direction to another, as by rotating or revolving. 2) to bend tortuously

Cosmic Weather:

Moon continues in “loquacious” Gemini.  “Can we talk your head off? Pretty, pretty, please, please, please???”

Intellectual Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) retrogrades back into” truth-serum” Sagittarius and forms a “Mighty Mouse” square with “electrifying” Uranus who is poised to wickedly “flip our mental switches” today, if given half a chance.

With Uranian’s shocking undercurrent messing with our fragile, tender brains, we are probably going to have to think faster than normal today, and also be comfortable taking up residency outside that cozy little circuit box. Change-agent Uranus likes for us to be unorthodox and innovative. Radically different in our thinking. When he’s up to it, he can even visit us with “flashes of genius.”

But there’s a hefty price to pay for all this phenomenal insight: Other people’s ideas may seem more tortuous or outright wacky to us now. And, we’re like sitting ducks, forced to hear them out. No help that the Moon is also in blabbermouth Gemini.

“Father, please forgive them. They know not what they say or think. They are being held hostage to “mad scientist” Uranus, who is sadly using them as props in a juvenile laboratory experiment. Cut them a little slack.  Don’t send them to that hot place down below to live out the rest of their days. Amen.”

Regardless, we may want to avoid making snap decisions today.  Too, it may be wise for all of us to keep that positive, patriotic chant playing in our heads throughout the day: “Yes we can, yes we can. Yes we can make it through this fast-paced, maniacal day. So help us President Obama. Amen.” 🙂

“What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” Donald Trump.

Also, something special for you today! Here is a link (below) to astrologer Ellen Longo’s blog “Astro4Business.” Ellen is one of my favorite astrologers. Her insights are extraordinary! Ellen specializes in using astrology for business.


Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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