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“When in doubt, don’t!” Benjamin Franklin

Cosmic Word Of The Day: Doubt

(Moon opposite Saturn)

Doubt: 1) to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe 2) to distrust

Yes, once again, it’s the exciting monthly Moon opposition to “hard-boiled” Saturn in judicial Libra (9:44 am EST), that so many of us perennially look forward to with a characteristic sense of doom and gloom.

The “gung-ho” Aries Moon is temporarily derailed today by “doubting Thomas” Saturn, who tries to effectively act as a wet blanket to some of our Aries Moon’s “ever manic” dreams.

Saturn: “Have you done any due diligence with respect to what you’re attempting?”

Aries Moon: “Nope.”

Saturn: “Do you have financial resources squirreled away to see you through for a while?”

Aries Moon: “Nope.”

Saturn: “Have you been drinking the Neptunian Kool-aid again?”

Aries Moon: “Yup.”

Saturn: “I rest my case.”

Aries Moon: “Golly, gee! Fiddlesticks!”

It’s okay, though. There will be sweet, joyful revenge tomorrow when the illuminating Sun in “reach for the stars” Sagittarius makes a tight square to “Santa Claus” Jupiter in “wishful thinking” Pisces.  A time when we have faith and inner assurance that all of our “pie in the sky dreams” will fly – and we don’t have to prove beans to Saturn. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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