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“Those who lack the company of the holy, remain all alone. Their pain never departs, and they fall into the grip of the Messenger of Death.Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Cosmic Word Of The Day: Gripping

(Mercury, Mars, Pluto, North Node conjoined in Capricorn. Venus sextile Pluto.)

Gripping: 1) the act of grasping; a seizing and holding fast 2) a grasp, hold, or control 3) mental or intellectual hold

“A convergence of  ‘gripping energy’ continues to unfold around us. We’re all sort of like sitting ducks for the next few days, held hostage to it. 🙂

One bright spot: There’s no need to spend any money on movie tickets to watch high action-packed dramas, when we have so much suspenseful adventure occurring around us now, on a daily basis, free of charge.

Fortunately, thanks to our knowledge of astrology, we can at least take some refuge in blaming most of the seemingly implosive events and turmoil that we are hearing about so much in the news now, on that dark little guy P-L-U-T-O,  who is sitting cozily on his dethroned throne, with rare, warm assist from clever Mercury, warrior Mars, and the “let me point you in the direction of your karma, kiddies” North Node. All these players are singularly holed up in the sign of governmental, big business Capricorn.

Pluto’s, no doubt, been waiting for this captivating, ‘dream team’ Capricorn line-up, for quite a while, considering he’s such a power-monger and control freak.  He’s no doubt loving the so-called ‘David and Goliath showdown’ playing out in the collective between WikiLeaks and governmental bodies, and now also big business (MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Amazon, etc) is becoming roped into this scenario, with the arrival of gung-ho, soldier boy Mars into Capricorn. Capricorn really denotes authority figures and other high-profile types, in general. Basically, anyone who wields power over others, or at least, dreams of doing so. Too, with Capricorn, we’re thinking about our legacy, and the length of our obituary.

Then we also have, of course, prominently figuring into the equation here, the matter of Santa Claus Jupiter conjunct ‘hi-tech’ Uranus, in behind the scenes, ‘you’ll never be able to catch me’ Pisces, getting its seeming ‘encrypted code’ jollies. Generous Jupiter’s apparently putting rebel Uranian hackers under all of our holiday trees this season, thanks to dictatorial directives from Pluto and the rest of the gestapo gang in Capricorn. Maybe it’s because we’ve been too naughty this year? I just want to know one thing: Whatever happened to plain old Barbie and Ken dolls, and electric trains, as gifts?

Jupiter conjunct Uranus is associated with genius.  The U.S. put a man on the Moon with this same exciting influence. But, now it also has the zealous hacker connotation to it, and the  “freedom of speech at all costs” battle cry.  Or, in other words, I’ll bust your cookie jar and steal all your cookies, and leave you only a few crumbs, if you don’t let me air your dirty laundry in public.  Cranky Uranus has to have its freedom, loves being a law unto itself.  No matter that there are billions of us here on planet Earth, and we all need to somehow figure out how to peacefully co-exist.  Why can’t we make love, instead of waging computer war games?

The last couple days have also been emotionally very gripping with the death of beloved Cancerian, Elizabeth Edwards, and now also word that Aretha Franklin is suffering from pancreatic cancer. (Get well, Aretha.)  We also had the very sad memorial for John Lennon yesterday, marking the 30th anniversary of his senseless death.

Too, even Oprah Winfrey was poignantly captured on tape yesterday, shedding some tears, during a Barbara Walters interview discussing her deep friendship with her best friend, Gayle King.

Simultaneous to these latter, personally gripping events, we have had relationship Venus in Scorpio (sign of death, rebirth, and crisis) sextile Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler), an aspect that often pulls at our heartstrings and tears at our emotions in unprecedented ways. With Venus-Pluto, we become deeply aware (Pluto) of the potentially awesome power of love (Venus), and its life-altering impact on our emotions. This Venus-Pluto influence will still be around for a few more days. We better continue to keep some Kleenex close by.

Still also not a peep out of George Clooney, either! We were hoping that he might come around with the magical Venus-Pluto. Yes, George is also worth at least two or three Kleenex. Looks like another bleak Saturday night’s on tap for us. Do you think that it could be that George is just shy, and that’s why he doesn’t connect with us? He does have his distant Capricorn Moon conjunct serious Saturn.  Saturn maybe subdues him emotionally, and maybe does make him a little bit shy.  ‘George, no need to worry.  We’ll be gentle with you.’

Also today: The Moon enters emotionally detached, cerebrally-minded Aquarius (2:32 am EST), perhaps providing us with a better chance to momentarily glean rational, cooler perspective on everything that’s going on, and try to make sense of some of the mad theater playing out on the world stage, before Mercury does its thing and goes ‘rogue retrograde’ tomorrow until December 30th.”

“Being a singer is a natural gift. It means I’m using to the highest degree possible the gift that God gave me to use. I’m happy with that.” Aretha Franklin.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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