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The Emotional Moon continues in “Big Picture” Sagittarius, along with Pioneering Mars. Mental Mercury also joins the proselytizing pair there today, leaving guarded Scorpio (6:43 pm EST). With the Moon, Mars, and Mercury all installed in Sagittarius, we have an enthusiastic trio of, “Yes we can!” energy at our disposal.

Also, later on in the day, the Moon forms a square aspect to Optimistic Jupiter (9:04 pm EST), the ruler of Sagittarius, at which time we should pretty much be able to “walk on water.”

Sagittarius, the Archer, is a very futuristic, positive, and goal-oriented sign known for its broad vision.  The keywords for it are: “I inspire.”

One big drawback, though, to the “Eye on the distant horizon” Sagittarius energy is that it tends to “gloss over details.” And we all know that “The Devil” is ready to pounce on us, whenever we “screw up” or “get careless” with the details. So we need to make sure today that we also enlist the support of the Shrewd, Investigative Scorpio Sun before we “get in over our head.”

Activities highlighted today: Preaching, teaching, academic matters, writing, publishing, speaking, sales, cold-calling, social networking, traveling.

Quote for Today:

“If you only do what you know you can do – you never do very much.” Tom Krause

This Day in History:

On November 8, 1989, Douglas Wilder is elected the first black U.S. governor (Virginia).  Also, on that same date, David Dinkins is elected the first black mayor of New York city.

On that day, the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are all exactly conjunct in “Transforming” Scorpio, the sign which Pluto rules. So we had like a “double-whammy” of major “renovating-type” energy.

Normally, when the Sun, which signifies power and leadership issues, conjoins “Controlling” Pluto, matters of dominance and control naturally come to the forefront. Intellectual Mercury’s inclusion here also suggests that our “mental consciousness” of the day was “more predisposed” towards embracing the idea of “a new order.” (Scorpio)

“Trailblazing” Mars was also at 2 degrees of Scorpio and exactly sextile to “Equality Ruling” Uranus, the electrifying “planet of change,”  at 2 degrees of Capricorn, the sign that “rules government.” “Energizer” Mars always tends to “fire us up,” and aligned with “Out of the Box” Uranus, we were much more likely to want to embark down “new” or “non-traditional” paths then, and also more interested in seeing that others also be granted “equal rights” or “equal input” (Uranus) in the hierarchy of government (Capricorn).

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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