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Moon enters “Faraway Lands” Sagittarius (3:28 am EST). Imploring us to “forget about doing the laundry,” for a while.  Or, “cleaning the toilet bowl.” We’re on a cosmically sanctioned mission now to escape the clutches of our dull, strangling, daily routines.  We must find a way to passionately do whatever “lifts us up” or “inspires us” today.

The “Forward-Thinking, Philosophical” Sagittarius Moon perennially kindles our desire for adventure, and for higher wisdom and learning. The Moon’s powerful conjunction with Pioneering Mars (4:43 pm EST) also serves to, temporarily, at least, put these desires in “overdrive.”

“Love Goddess” Venus also cascades back into “Cooperative, Gracious” Libra today (10:06 pm EST), a place where she is able to, once again, express the full reign of her many social graces, minus the emotionalism and possessiveness of Scorpio, where she has resided since early September. This Venus placement should help us to “patch up our difficulties” and make any “needed amends” with others. Libra is the sign of diplomacy. Venus will stay in Libra until November 30th.

Imaginative Neptune is also stationing “Direct today” in “Brotherly Love” Aquarius, encouraging us to move “full speed ahead” with our dreams and visions, a nice pairing with today’s uplifting Sagittarius Moon.  We may also want to pay closer attention to news involving matters that Neptune rules, including the sea and oil, drugs and pharma, and spiritual matters.

Activities highlighted today: Travel, writing, publishing, promotion, advertising, philosophy, religion, sports.

Quote for Today:

“Life is unchartered territory.  It reveals its story one moment at a time.” Leo F. Buscaglia

This Date in History:

On November 7, 1967, President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed a bill establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Venus, indicating “what we love,” was in “Studious” Virgo and exactly conjoined with “Breakthrough Technology Guru” Uranus, the planet that rules broadcasting.

Also, “Communicator, News Reporter” Mercury was at 2 degrees of Investigative Scorpio exactly sextile to Opportunity Jupiter at 2 degrees of Analytical Virgo.  Jupiter expands upon and broadens whatever it is aligned with, and sextile to Mercury, it voluminously spreads the news and information.  Jupiter (which rules today’s Sagittarius Moon) also acts in such a way as to, hopefully, “inspire and elevate” the level of discussion.

People in the News:

Former President, George W. Bush, is in the news again, promoting his memoir, Decision Points. Fascinatingly, a quick peek at Bush’s horoscope shows” Expansive” Jupiter at 23 degrees of Pisces, exactly conjoined his 9th house cusp, the very sector of the chart that deals with book-writing and publishing! The ninth house also rules “self-promotion” and “advertising.” (The ninth house is naturally associated with the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter.)

With “opportunity” Jupiter passing through his ninth house, it is an ideal period for Bush to be discussing and explaining his “philosophy of life” (a 9th house domain) and for providing “personal context” for his past actions and strategies.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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