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The Emotional Moon enters “Re-birthing” Scorpio (2:16 am EDT), a place where she is gloriously “born again.” The Scorpio Moon is also readying herself for her monthly, renewing, “New Moon” phase, that will occur on Saturday (12:52 am EDT) at 13 degrees of the sign. New Moons signify “new beginnings,” so this one in “regenerating Scorpio” is suggestive of a “double dose” of rejuvenating energy.

Scorpio, the sign of life, death, and transition, symbolizes the elusive, subconscious region of our psyche, also referred to as the “sleeping mind.”

The Scorpio New Moon foreshadows a probing journey inside ourselves, to the very core of our being, that allows for us the chance to momentarily eye, and be altered by, that darker, mysterious chamber (the subconscious), that is normally sealed off to our conscious, waking self.

What inner treasures, within this “Sleeping Giant,” will the New Moon in Scorpio spy, and surreptitiously bring back with her, to the surface of our empowering consciousness, for us to stealthily pirate away? It could be that “only time will tell,” as “mum is the word,” always the word, for the Secretive Scorpio Moon.

What we want to do now is pay closer attention to the “unfolding events” in our lives, both internally and externally, over the next two weeks (from the New to Full Moon), and see how the changing landscape around us positively fits into our own quest for critical self-renewal.

Acitivities highlighted today: seances, channeling, psychic experiments, meditation, psychotherapy, treasure-hunting, antiquing, weeding, detox, spying and espionage, sharing secrets, scuba diving, plumbing, purging and recycling, reviewing insurance and estate matters, attending to joint financial matters.

Quote for the Day:

“If our subconscious was attractive, we wouldn’t have to bury it down deep within us.” Doug Coupland

This Date in History:

On November 5, 1935, Parker Brothers launches “Monopoly.” Venus, denoting activities “that we love,” was in analytical Virgo, a perfect sign for strategizing board games. Venus was exactly sextile to Transforming Pluto in “Real Estate Ruling” Cancer. Venus-Pluto can signify an all-encompassing, riveting passion.

Pioneering Mars was also in “All-Business” Capricorn and trine to “Risk-Taker” Uranus in “Acquisition-Minded” Taurus, fueling our materialistic desires to want to amass a “monopoly” of holdings. The Moon was also in “Fantasy-Loving” Pisces, kindling our preoccupation with “make believe” pastimes.

Since “Monopoly” was created, more than one billion people have played it, making it the most popular board game in history.

Happy 75th Birthday, Monopoly! And, many more.

(Click on the youtube link below for a stroll back in time “Under The Boardwalk” with The Drifters.)


Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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