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The Orderly, Systematic Virgo Moon reminds us today that we can likely save ourselves headaches and hassles in the future by performing the necessary “due diligence” now.

Too, with the midterm elections being held in the U.S. today, it would behoove us to be knowledgable of the backgrounds of the candidates and how they stand on the issues, before going into the polling booth and casting our votes.

The placement of the Moon in Practical Virgo is always excellent for any kind of in-depth analysis and strategic planning, especially with powerful backup now from the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in investigative, resourceful Scorpio.

Scorpio symbolically rules “the elimination” or “purge process.” Today may be a very good time to purposely “weigh the facts” (Virgo) and then, as a result, prune away whatever is deadweight. (Scorpio)

The Moon’s opposition to Expansive Jupiter in Dreamy Pisces (5:24 pm EDT) also gives us some “creative license” to roam around a while in our imaginations.  Often we can get useful solutions to our everyday problems, too, by bending our “Virgo logic” a little, and going with more of our intuitive, “right brain.” (Pisces)

Later, the opposition to Upsetter Uranus (10:37 pm EDT) awakens us to the possibility of “sudden change.” Change can be daunting, for sure. The probability of change (Uranus), however, is something, too, that we must always take into consideration whenever we are plotting our long-term strategy. Change can be a good thing, as it can transport us out of our “comfort zones” where, if we linger too long, we tend to rot.

But change can also be a dangerous thing if we espouse change, just for the sake of change itself, without considering its many ramifications in our lives.  That is where the “wise, preparatory” Virgo Moon can help us out here today, if we but heed her course.

Today’s Quote for Today:

“Care and diligence bring luck.” Thomas Fuller

This Day in History:

On November 2, 1976, Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford to capture the presidency of the United States. The Moon (governing the populace) was in Escapist, Idealistic Pisces. Energizing Mars was in Transforming Scorpio and in a tight square to Saturn in Leo. Mars square Saturn can signify trying to drive a car (Mars) with the brakes on (Saturn).  It can denote enormous discontent and frustration with the nature of things.  Saturn, too, can represent the incumbent, which in this case was Gerald Ford, and the challenging Mars square to Saturn can make it harder for incumbents to complete their agendas. The energy (Mars) is “at cross purposes” (square) to support the established regime (Saturn).

Mercury, governing the mind, was also in emotionally intense Scorpio and in a tight conjunction to Liberating Uranus. With Mercury-Uranus, we are definitely more ready and willing to entertain the idea of change (Carter), especially when taken into context with the frustrating Mars-Saturn in Leo influence, with Leo ruling leadership. With Saturn in Leo, too, there can be a “fallout” in leadership, as Saturn, under stress, often denotes loss and lack of support. Also, the country, at the time, was still recovering from the disillusioning malaise left from Nixon’s reign, and the economy was also problematic.

Today with the Moon in Work-Ruling Virgo, it would seem that “jobs” and the “lack of them” could be weighing heavy on voters’ minds today.  Perfectionist-seeking Virgo also tends to worry, and is more critical and unforgiving of any missteps, so the voters may be more inclined to view their politicians not only with a little more skepticism and cynicism today, but also with more of an eagerness to “hold them accountable” on their records. Energizer Mars is also in Sagittarius, the sign of politics, and that could make us “much more zealous,” if not combative, in expressing our political views.

Too, we are all still adjusting to a “new order of things,” with Pluto in the early degrees of Capricorn which rules government and hierarchy.  Pluto, as ruler of transforming Scorpio, tends to decimate or bulldoze conditions so new structures can be erected.

Pluto’s ray can also be extremist and fanatical in nature, so we can expect to see more “extreme measures” implemented in government with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, too, as part of the purge mindset, “cuts to the bone.” Many presently appear to be upset with what they see as a “bloated government,” and they want to pare it down (Pluto) considerably.

Pluto also rules debt, and with it now in Budget-Conscious Capricorn, debt-consciousness will likely be something that will be permeating the minds of the electorate for a good while to come. Pluto will be in Capricorn till 2025.

Interestingly, President Obama, who is not up for re-election today, has the transiting Warrior Mars in Sagittarius exactly in opposition to his Moon in Gemini now, an aspect which tends to “fire up our emotions,” as the Moon rules our emotional nature and also our nurturing ability.

Again, the Moon, too, represents the public and shows how we interface with it.  Volatile Mars here, signifying the aggressive urge, suggests that Obama may have a “real fight” (Mars) on his hands today when it comes to trying to placate the public (Moon). It could be, too, that he is forced to seriously reflect upon and rethink his own “nurturing or governing style,” (Moon) and also examine and assess how it is being perceived by others, in response to how his party fares in the midterm elections.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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