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The Feminine Moon continues in Maternal Cancer emphasizing our nurturing instincts. The Moon is also lovingly supported here by Relationship Venus conjoined the Empowering Sun in Healing Scorpio. With Venus-Sun, we have perfect, soothing energy for forging intimate connections with others. Our creativity is also elevated.

Venus, too, represents “things of beauty.” With Venus-Sun, we have more of a desire to be surrounded by beautiful objects. Therefore, it’s a good day to go shopping for items of personal adornment (clothes, jewelry, perfume) or for decorative accessories to jewel the home front, especially with the Moon now in Domestic Diva Cancer.  Too, with Venus and the Sun deposited in transitioning Scorpio, it may be a time when we can snatch some treasures at estate sales or consignment shops.

Meanwhile, Energy planet Mars, representing our will and self-assertion, leaves Intense Scorpio for Visionary Sagittarius (2:48 am EDT), where it is in search of wisdom and higher knowledge. Mars in Sagittarius has a deep need for learning, and also an equal desire to don the soapbox and speak out on the issues of the day. With Mars in Sagittarius, we will want to passionately begin rallying behind the causes we believe in, and not be afraid to state our personal views and opinions. (Mars will be in Sagittarius until December 7th.)

Interestingly, the last time Mars entered Sagittarius, mid-November of 2008, is when U.S. President-elect Barack Obama resigned his Senate seat. Sagittarius is the sign of politics, and with Aggressor Mars’ entry into this sign, the upcoming U.S. midterm-elections, on tap for next week, are certain to become even more heated.

The intrinsic nature of Mars is “trail-blazing” and “pioneering,” so it could be, theoretically, that with Mars in Sagittarius, incumbents may have a harder time holding onto their seats. It could also mean that many of us will be more energized to get involved in politics, this election season, instead of sitting on the sidelines. Mars denotes our passions and tends to “fire us up.” On the shadow side, Mars in Sagittarius is more inclined to be impulsive, reckless, and scattered.

News Update: With Mars entering idealistic Sagittarius today the Minister of Defense in France announced that France and some other NATO nations may begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan next year. Interestingly, Mars rules war and the military. Its departure from defensive, retaliatory Scorpio to Inspirational, Philosophical Sagittarius could be interpreted perhaps as more of a willingness to “tame the aggressive urge” out of hope that a “higher order of things” may prevail in the future.  Sagittarius is more of a dreamy, visionary sign.

Activities highlighted now: cooking, decorating, teaching, learning, writing, politics, romance, parties, antiquing, healing, beauty treatments, personal pampering.

Quote For The Day:

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Thomas Jefferson

Famous Birthday Today:

American computer billionaire, Bill Gates, is 55 today! Gates has a Resourceful, Investigative Scorpio Sun, with a Pioneering Aries Moon (conjunct his Aries 10th house of Career), and a Nurturing Cancer Rising or Ascendant. Uranus, which denotes genius and originality, is conjunct Gate’s Ascendant, making him futuristic and a trend-setter, and also very brilliant and original.  In his money house, Jupiter and Pluto are also exactly conjunct in Flashy, Regal Leo, a classic signature of “mega-money.” Happy Birthday, Bill!

This Date In History:

On October 28, 1636, Harvard University was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Jupiter, which rules higher education and colleges, was conjunct Venus, in Analytical Virgo. Venus rules “what we love,” and combined with Scholarly Jupiter, there can be an “abundant love of learning.” Jupiter, the expansive principle, also rules the Academically-minded sign of Sagittarius (which Mars is entering today).

Also, Venus and Jupiter were in a harmonious trine to Renewing Pluto, in Anchoring Taurus, suggesting that “educational pursuits” could provide opportunity for “transformation and firm footing.” No telling how many doors have been opened, over the years, for individuals holding distinguished degrees from Harvard University.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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