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Today, Realist Saturn is in a weird 135-degree alignment (sesquiquadrate) to Escapist Neptune.  It may be more difficult to stay focused on our practical goals, as Neptune’s murky ray tends to generate confusion, even paranoia. We may want to make sure that we carry around with us an “exit strategy” today, as reality could get a “little spooky” at times.  Too, we are coming up on Halloween.  Today seems to be a “fitting precursor” to that macabre holiday.

The Moon also switches from Chatty Gemini to Haunted House Cancer (3:15 pm EDT). The Moon’s opposition, shortly thereafter, to Dark Spirit Pluto (9:12 pm EDT) could be when the “poltergeist activity” reaches a fever pitch on the home front. 🙂

Today’s quote for the day:

“Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity.” Michael Gelb

On this date in history:

On October 27, 1985 thieves reportedly stole 9 paintings including 5 Monet‘s and 2 Renoir‘s.  Aggressor Mars had just entered Artistic Libra and was in a tight square to Deceptive Neptune in Ambitious Capricorn.  Neptune rules paintings, while the shadow side of Mars is associated with criminal behavior. Mars-Neptune is often synonymous with swindlers and con men. Neptune gives a penchant for “duplicity” and “conniving.”

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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