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Moon continues in Earthy, Sensual Taurus. And, with four planets in Sexy Scorpio, including the Love Duo of Venus and Mars, it may be a good time to lounge around the boudoir and perfect our intimate night moves. Even in the daytime!

What’s also cool here is Mars (which rules sex) is exactly trine Uranus, the planet of Originality.  Uranus is also in Fantasy-Minded Pisces. There’s no way we can lose now.  All we have to do is be a little original!

I have also listed down below, different events that have occurred in recent years, with Mars-Uranus.  This is a time when we want to change things up. Be willing to get out of our box. Look at our lives in new ways.  Even making minor changes today may serve us well in the long run.

Activities Spotlighted Today: Boating, fishing, dancing, research, studying astrology (Uranus rules astrology), meditation, treasure-hunting, reviewing insurance and financial matters, theater, music, painting, sculpting, ceramics, romance, gardening, baking, massage, facials.

On This Date In History:

October 24, 1901: Anna Taylor becomes the first woman in history to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The Moon was in Sea-Ruling Pisces. The Sun had also just entered Resourceful Scorpio and was exactly trine Neptune (the ruler of Pisces), making it an ideal time for aquatic activities.  Neptune and Pisces both rule boating and, I guess, in this case, a barrel qualifies as a form of navigation on the water.

Another aspect I love here is Venus, ruling women, was in adventurous Sagittarius, and exactly conjunct Experimental Uranus. Venus also represents our hobbies and pastimes, what we enjoy doing in our free time for recreation. On Venus-Uranus days, we often are in the mood to “try new pleasures.” Uranus also has a need for originality, and putting its personal stamp on everything. Way to go, Anna! Better you than me.

In the News:

Almost 400,000 classified field reports from the Iraqi War were released by Wikileaks on Friday, the same day we had the Full Moon in Aries.  Aries rules war and the military; full moons bring illumination.

Mars (ruler of Aries) in Investigative Scorpio was also applying to an exact trine to Rebel Uranus in Behind the Scenes Pisces, when the disclosure was made, probably another factor in helping to bring the hidden (classified) information to the forefront. Uranus can bring “sudden new developments,” and aligned with Mars, these developments can center around the war and military. Several U.S. officials have condemned the leaks including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Some other notable events with Mars trine Uranus in the recent past:

1) Oct 29, 2008 – Delta Airlines merged with Northwest Airlines forming the world’s largest commercial air carrier. Mars was in Scorpio (the sign of joint resources) and trine to Uranus in Pisces (just like now). (Uranus rules aviation, Pisces is the sign that dissolves borders. Mars blazes new trails.)

2) Nov 4, 2008 – Mars in Scorpio separating 2 degrees from a trine to Uranus in Pisces: Barrack Obama is elected President of the U.S. Mars in Scorpio is transformational and Uranus is the planet of change.  Obama ran on a “platform of change.”

3) May 17, 2004 – Mars in Familial Cancer trine Uranus in Pisces: Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage in compliance with a ruling from the state’s Supreme Judicial Court (Goodridge v. Department of Public Health).  Mars rules sex and Uranus is associated with equality. Frequently when gay rights issues are in the news, Uranus’ ray is prominent.

4) November 25, 2002 – U.S. President George W. Bush signs the Homeland Security Act into law, creating the Department of Homeland Security, in the largest U.S. government reorganization since the Department of Defense was created in 1947. Mars was in Judicial Libra trine Uranus in Experimental Aquarius.

Mars rules defense and the military.  It also rules the aggressive urge.  With the “animalistic” side of Mars, we are more concerned with basic self-preservation issues. Mars-Uranus makes us more amenable to making sweeping changes, trying new things out. Also at the time, Expansive Jupiter was in Leadership Leo exactly sextile to Transforming Pluto in Patriotic Sagittarius. With Jupiter-Pluto we are looking to expand our range of control. Sagittarius adds more of a zealotry to whatever we are doing.  It also rules politics and our moral beliefs.  Pluto’s ray is often activated with respect to issues of terrorism and subversive groups, and the Homeland Security department was largely a response to 9/11.

5) June 5, 2000 – 405 The Move, the first short film widely distributed on the Internet, is released.  Mars was in Communicative Gemini trine Uranus in Aquarius.  Uranus rules the internet. (Mercury was also exactly quinqunx Neptune in Aquarius, with Neptune ruling films.)

Patrice Thompson

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