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The Illuminating Sun enters Dark Scorpio (8:35 am EDT) shining her bright light on our “Shadow Side,” that subconscious region of ourselves that is the compendium of all of our most bewitching elements: fears, phobias, anger, jealousy, and other assorted offerings.

The Sun also joins Mental Mercury, Love Goddess Venus, and Sexual Mars in Scorpio, reinforcing and intensifying the deeper emotional emphasis. With Karma Lord Saturn, also in Relationship Libra, it could be that there are a few things that we are feeling particularly guilty about now, especially on the romantic front.  We need to learn how to let go of the guilt. Free ourselves from our inner shackles. Scorpio energy is all about “regeneration” and “repair.”

Additionally, the Moon is in practical, materially-minded Taurus today. While we’re dealing with our weightier, emotional issues, we may also want to find some time to balance our checkbooks and pay a few bills.  The Taurus Moon is also a great time to commune with nature. It would probably be a good day to plant some bulbs.

Quote for today:

“Afflictions are but the shadows of God’s wings.” George MacDonald

On This Date In History:

On October 23, 1814 the first plastic surgery is performed (in England). Venus, the planet of beauty, was exactly conjunct Mars in Libra (the sign that Venus rules). Libra also has to do with beauty and harmony, smoothing out difficulties.  Perhaps, in this case, smoothing out wrinkles and crows feet, so as to render a more pleasing Venusian appearance? Not sure of all the particulars regarding this first plastic surgery. Whether it was a nose job, tummy tuck, or maybe a breast augmentation. Mars also denotes surgeons.

The Moon was in hi-tech, experimental Aquarius.

Mental Mercury was in Scorpio, the official sign of surgery (Scorpio is formally co-ruled by Mars and Pluto). Mercury was in a harmonious trine aspect to Transforming Pluto in Fantasy Pisces. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, deals with illusion and make-believe. (Pisces also rules cosmetics.)

Mercury-Pluto is often synonymous with notable ability for problem-solving, figuring things out, solving mysteries. In this instance, it was focused on figuring out how to turn back the hands of time, to the days of luscious, supple, more smoother skin, minus any unnerving age spots.

Also to “seal the sutures” that day, Sexy Venus and Mars were in a healthy, supportive sextile to Neptune, who was, of course, “masquerading as someone much younger.”

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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