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A lot on the “Cosmic Plate” again today:

One “biggie” is Aggressor Mars in Penetrating Scorpio square to Evasive Neptune in Mr. Sandman Pisces.

Mars-Neptune can denote “passive-aggressiveness” and “misplaced aggression.” Mars rules the will and aggressive urge. Neptune rules the urge to escape.  Mix them together, and on the shadow side, the resulting cocktail can be pretty lethal to drink. Nobody wants to be held accountable for anything. Part of the reason is that there may be a feeling that we are “in over our head.” Mars-Neptune tends to produce feelings of “irrational fear,” “paranoia,” and generalized “vague discomfort.”

Neptune also represents lies and deceit, and with Mars involved in the equation, clandestinely stoking Neptune’s “less than truthful” ray, it’s a prime time to be on our guard, lest we get hoodwinked or swindled.

Neptune additionally rules art and paintings, while Mars can denote thieves and the “criminal element.”  Neptune, too, rules “con men.” It seems that we often hear about break-ins at art galleries with this type of energy. As a precautionary measure: We may want to lock up our valuable “paint by number” masterpieces, that are randomly scattered about on the home front. Lest they appear later on the black market, only to be snatched up by some eccentric millionaire for his private collection.

Mars additionally rules another biggie: Sex! And Mars is presently in Passionate Scorpio (a sign it co-rules with Pluto). Mars merged with fantasy Neptune could mean that the bedtime hours could prove very interesting tonight!

Too, Neptune rules costumes and all manner of disguise (the plot thickens). We may want to keep this in mind when we’re getting ready to put on our pj’s. It could be we may want to slip into our Halloween attire a few days early.  See if that procures for us a few more treats between the sheets! 🙂

We may even want to masquerade as a “double agent,” since we also have Mental Mercury in “From Beyond the Grave” Scorpio sextiling Grand Master Spy Pluto, a prime time for figuring out big life and death mysteries and for also hearing about scary, macabre secrets, including “how to surreptitiously vacuum” without invoking the wrath of ghosts from Halloweens past.

Last, but not least, we have a “Magical” Blue Moon tonight at 29 degrees of Aries (9:38 pm EDT). A “blue moon” is when we have two full moons in one month. The second one is called a “Blue Moon.” There is also something “urgent” about this Moon occurring as it does at the anaretic point (last degree) of Aries.

Full Moons bring “awareness” and represent a “culmination point.” Aries is about identity and self-expression, and proving ourselves through action. Ironically, Aries’ ruler, Mars, is in Deep Dark Scorpio, in that captive, “held hostage” position with Neptune, in which its effectiveness is watered down and murkier to chart. It could be that what is illumined now is all the scary and hidden Scorpio stuff, the foreboding skeletons, that we carry around inside ourselves, as Scorpio rules the subterranean regions of our beings. Plus we also have Creepy, Crawly Spy Agent Pluto in that adult sextile relationship with Twenty something Mercury.

Who really knows, though, what this cosmic puzzle definitively means? Maybe that’s another reason why the Moon is so blue tonight. She’s clueless, too.

Activities recommended today: Attending “masquerade balls,” spying under the sheets, vacuuming in the pitch black, watching rats exiting sinking ships, visiting bats in the belfry, bottling up our aggression and trying to sell it on Ebay for big bucks, flying close to the Blue Moon on broomsticks, befriending witches and wizards, discussing the theory of relativity with revered jack-o-lanterns, polka dancing in the moonlight to Lawrence Welk music, songwriting, singing in the shower, reading and writing poetry, being extra kind to bartenders and fishes.

Quote for today:

“Everything is perfect in the universe – even your desire to improve it.” Wayne Dyer

Notable Birthdays:

Deepak Chopra turns 64 today. Deepak has a Mystical, Sensitive Pisces Rising, with a Peace-Loving Libra Sun, and an Analytical, Health-minded Virgo Moon. His Sun, denoting his “sense of self,” is conjunct Expansive, Philosophical Jupiter in Probing Scorpio.

The Sun-Jupiter conjunction is a classic signature of a “teacher,” and also of a “writer.” Sun-Jupiter tends to be optimistic in nature, perennially believing the glass is half full. Jupiter also rules religion and Sun-Jupiter natives often naturally have a “preacher-type” manner about them, in that they usually feel called upon to help others “broaden their horizons.” Deepak also has Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on his tenth house of career, suggesting a “Jupiter” (teacher-preacher-public speaking -writer) career. His Jupiter in Scorpio also points to involvement with the healing profession, and he started out as an endocrinologist before shifting his focus to alternative medicine.

The Sun and Jupiter are both in the 8th house in Deepak’s chart, along with a tight Mercury and Mars conjunction in Penetrating Scorpio, which is excellent for detecting and ferreting out information. A packed 8th house can give a shrewdness and focus on wanting to solve life’s deepest riddles and mysteries, as this house is associated with the subconscious, transformation, and experiences beyond the earth plane. Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio also indicates a mind that is very resourceful, as well as very private and secretive.

The 8th house is also the house of other people’s resources, and there can be special flair for helping others “to heal” and or helping others to manage their resources better, both materially and spiritually. Psychologists and psychiatrists, for instance, will often have planets here. Also, financial planners.  This house is also associated with surgery and medicine. Many surgeons will have a strong eighth house. Surgeons remove or reconfigure our physical bodies so that they may function better and or regenerate.

Deepak’s Venus, showing what he loves, is in Scholarly Sagittarius conjunct his ninth house of higher education and travel. Again, this placement underscores his passion for teaching and inspiring others, and he would also perhaps be attracted to females who are also educators or writers.  Idealistic Neptune in his seventh house of relationships can also make him want to always see the “best in others.”

A powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Proud, Entertaining Leo on his sixth house cusp of employment and health, suggests a deep need to want to control his work environment versus being managed by others. Also it suggests that work could bring him into the spotlight (Leo).

Additionally, Pluto rules healing and transformation and located here with Saturn in the health house it gives a potential to be a healing agent for others, especially when taken into context with the rest of his horoscope, particularly the preponderance in Scorpio (Pluto’s sign) and four planets in the 8th house (Pluto’s natural house).

Pluto can even bring an obsession with work and health areas, as Pluto’s ray is so intense and focused wherever it is, especially when conjoined with Serious Saturn who also wants to be a formidable power in his own right. Pluto in the sixth can also make one feel that one has “a special mission in life” to perform.

Erratic, Rebellious Uranus in Gemini exactly conjunct his fourth house of the home and family suggests many moves in his lifetime and also indicates perhaps that he is a “rebel at heart,” as the fourth house also deals with our soul. Uranus likes to overturn the status quo so as to create a brand new order of things. It can be indicative of someone who is very humanistic and futuristic, if not eccentric.

Patrice Thompson

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