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The Domestic Moon remains in Divinity-Seeking Pisces. We are wanting to embark down those insightful roads that will lead us back to our soul’s “original home.”

With Mental Mercury in Peace-Keeping Libra quinqunx to Erratic Uranus, however, which is also positioned in Mystical Pisces, we may be a little unsure about which roads are really the “right roads to go down,” to ensure our soul’s sacred journey.

At the end of the day, The Balanced Libra Sun harmoniously trine to Spiritual Neptune in Futuristic Aquarius, beseeches us “not to worry.” The Sun-Neptune wisdom serenely purports to us that eventually “all paths lead to the same door,” and that all we need to remember is that “we are all one.”

Activities favored today: random acts of kindness, writing poetry, music, songs, prayer, meditation, theater, acting, experimenting with make-up, decorating, collecting seashells, befriending fishes, absconding with enlightened mermaids.

Quote For Today:

“By faithfulness we are collected and wound up into unity within ourselves, whereas we had been scattered abroad in multiplicity.” Saint Augustine

On This Date In History:

October 19, 1983: The U.S. Senate establishes Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday. Very notable here then was Pioneering Mars in Analytical Virgo in a tight square to Philosophical Jupiter in Highly Principled Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter naturally rules.  Mars-Jupiter tends to “fire up” our idealism (Jupiter) and makes us want to go to war (Mars) for what we believe in (Jupiter). It is traditionally associated with political and social activism.

I also blogged the other day here how sometimes, too, Mars-Jupiter aspects are associated with “religious fanaticism,” as Jupiter also rules religion and Mars adds fuel and passion to that body of beliefs.  We always need to be careful with Mars-Jupiter that we don’t go overboard, as Jupiter tends to excessive behavior anyway, and on the shadow side, can additionally make us somewhat arrogant and cocksure that we alone hold the truth.

Additionally, Jupiter was separating from a conjunction to Equality-Ruling Uranus, which was also in the sign of Higher Beliefs Sagittarius. Uranus, ruling matters involving groups and the collective, characteristically delivers to us sudden insights and awareness, and in Sagittarius, these insights can help to shape our moral beliefs and behavior. Jupiter-Uranus tends to take us out of our normal belief set and allows us to feel more comfortable with or embrace non-traditional ideas, shatters some of Jupiter’s “moral superiority” notion.

We also presently have Jupiter and Uranus conjunct now in Idealistic Pisces, a sign that Jupiter co-rules with Neptune. Equality and humanitarian issues are emphasized with this conjunction and just last week, we had the federal judge striking down the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, which had been in place in the military for almost two decades.

Another cool parallel to today was the Justice-Seeking Libra Sun then was exactly sextile to Compassionate Neptune which was also in Sagittarius. Today we have the Libra Sun trine Neptune in Brotherly Aquarius, a very similar aspect. Neptune is our link to the Divine and represents a state of consciousness in which “we are all one,” our personal borders and boundaries are dissolved.  Our compassion and humanity are stoked and we realize that we are all in this together. On Sun-Neptune days we become more preoccupied with our unity versus our differences. Therefore, we are more likely to espouse a a political philosophy of “inclusion,”  even on Capitol Hill.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

Source Notes:

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