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The Maternal Moon is holed up in Spaced Out Pisces and baking “funny-smelling brownies” in the kitchen.

The Sun in Marital Libra is in a queer quinqunx relationship with Adipose Jupiter, who is also in Inebriated Pisces and down to his last six-pack of beer.  Jupiter is already starting to get the shakes at the prospect of not having enough beer to see him through the start of another work week.

Mental Mercury in Romantic Libra is trining Hallucinatory Neptune, the dreamy planet of fantasy.

Our imagination is fired up.  At any moment, we’re expecting to be visited by “little green men,” with Jupiterian weight issues, coming to take us away in a giant spaceship to see, none other than,  George Clooney.

“George, don’t nod off!  We’ll be there shortly, dear. By the way, do you need us to bring you anything?  Like maybe milk or bread?”

Have some fun today!  Escape into your Neptunian imagination. Dust off your wings and play upon the clouds. Romance stars.

The main caution again today, with another quinqunx to over-optimistic Jupiter, is the tendency to “bite off more than we can chew.”  This is not a good time to be over-committing ourselves or our resources. The “shadow side” of Jupiter has a natural tendency towards waste and excess.

The energy today also inclines us to pursue more mystical and otherworldly paths, as Neptune and the Moon in Pisces, both represent our link to the Divine. Our psychic abilities may also be keener. A good day for ESP experiments and also for examining our dreams.

Today’s Quote For The Day:

“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.” G.K. Chesterton

On This Date In History:

On October 18, 1922 the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) forms. Mental Mercury, which rules reporting, was in “Fair and Balanced” Libra (like today) and also in aspect to Imaginative Neptune, which was in Leo, the sign of entertainment. Mercury-Neptune is a premier influence for being able to “weave magic through words and speech.” It is synonymous with story-telling. A lot of poets, writers, actors, artists and songwriters have Mercury-Neptune in their horoscopes. Mercury-Neptune provides us with a rich, inner vision.

Also, just like the present, the Airy, Intellectual Libra Sun was aligned with Expansive Jupiter, but this time it was a powerful conjunction aspect with the planet, as Jupiter was also in Libra. The Sun and Jupiter are the two largest bodies in our solar system and when you have them side by side with each other there is the potential for “big things to happen,” “big empires to be formed.” Jupiter characteristically “over-sizes” whatever it touches.  The nature of Philosophical Jupiter is also scholarly and academic, it wants to “broaden our horizons.” The Sun-Jupiter conjunction is perfect for an informative broadcasting outlet.

Speaking of broadcasting, Technology Wizard Uranus, which rules broadcasting, was in Idealistic Pisces and harmoniously trine to renovating Pluto in Parental Cancer. Uranus trine Pluto is a very transforming energy, and the BBC has had transformational impact on the collective as an authoritative dispenser of the news and events of the day.

Additionally, Ambitious Saturn was also in Libra ( like today) and exactly square to Master Spy Pluto, an aspect which is excellent for “ferreting out the truth.” Saturn gives form, structure, and discipline to Pluto’s depth. The Moon was also in Analytical Virgo, good for fact-finding information. Pioneering Mars in Business-Minded Capricorn was also square to the Sun, injecting strong enthusiasm and a trailblazing spirit to the operation. Mars gives a burning desire to “want to be first,” at whatever it does.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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