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The Sentimental Moon leaves Idealistic Libra for Intense Scorpio (3:52 pm EDT) turning up the volume on our emotions.

Communicator Mercury conjuncts Serious Saturn in Relationship Libra (7:36 am EDT) inclining us to seek out substance over frills in our interactions.  With Mercury-Saturn, we want our words to carry maximum weight and impact.

Saturn, by itself, characteristically endows us with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Saturn represents the work ethic and achievement. Mercury-Saturn, on the shadow side, can also trigger our fears and awareness of our personal limitations. With Saturn, we tend to be more acutely aware of our boundaries, our sense of separateness.

Venus, ruling money, art, beauty, music, romance, relationships, all the things that we love, also turns retrograde in Probing Scorpio today (3:05 am EDT), the sign of life, death, and rebirth. With Venus retrograde here, we are seeking “deeper” connections.  Deeper ties to both our past and present, and also, correspondingly, a more palpable sense of our own continuity and purpose. (Venus will be retrograde until November 18th.)

Symbolically, our lives are like great “Venusian works of art” in progress. Venus retrograde prods us to revisit and remotely observe some of what we have already painted or sculpted. We listen, once again, to the old songs that our hearts composed earlier. We  maybe recollect past relationships, retrace some of the kisses and hugs, recall some of the sorrows, awkward moments, the warm laughter that we shared together. The “retro viewpoint” can help us to garner new wisdom, insight, and inspiration about what we are currently facing and creating in the present moment with our lives. The past is essentially the yardstick we leverage to define ourselves and calculate our evolution.

Sometimes, too, Venus retrograde brings old lovers, old relationships, back into our lives.

On another level, with Venus retro in Scorpio, we are also more symbolically and theoretically linked with “great artists who have transitioned” beyond the Earth plane (Venus rules artists and performers). Scorpio energy connects us with”transitioning experiences.”

Just yesterday, for example, I got a telephone message from a friend telling me she had just lost her pet bird after 16 years. In my horoscope, Mars, the Great Activator or Trigger of events, was exactly conjunct my 8th house cusp in Scorpio, when I heard the news. This house  is associated with “endings” and death. My friend, who lost her bird, also has Pluto (Scorpio’s co-ruler) now exactly conjunct her 8th house cusp at 2 Capricorn.

Interestingly, Mental Mercury is now conjunct Karma Lord Saturn, in John Lennon’s old sign of Libra, making this perhaps a more fitting  time for us to mentally revisit and ponder the huge legacy that John, in particular, bequeathed to us. (It is John’s birthday, October 9th, and many events have been planned around the world to mark the event.)

Mercury-Saturn often denotes a mental focus on the past, on our roots or foundation. Sometimes this energy is also layered in with a touch of melancholy and sadness, due to Saturn’s heavier vibration and natural focus on loss and limitation. John would have been 70 years old tomorrow. John’s widow, Yoko Ono, will light the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland in his memory. Below is a link to the “Imagine Peace Tower Documentary.”


Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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