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“Whatever we do lays a seed in our deepest consciousness, and one day that seed will grow.” Sakyong Mipham


The Hot Volcanic Sun conjuncts Stone Cold Saturn, Lord of Karma, in Partnership Libra. Since Saturn is exalted in Libra, he theoretically has “the upper hand” here, over the Sun. What this may mean is we could be feeling “a chill” descending upon our relationships today. With Sun-Saturn, it’s easier to feel “cut-off” and “alienated,” as the basic nature of Saturn is more fearful and restrictive.

Perhaps also due to more fear-based feelings, security issues may loom larger now within relationships. We may suddenly be more concerned with matters of commitment and or more preoccupied with our contractual obligations.  We may also want to enter into contracts or agreements now as a way of making ourselves feel more secure and our positions solidified. In general, Saturn is associated with duties, responsibilities, limitations, and old-fashioned hard work. On Sun-Saturn days, there is usually very little for us in the way of “play” going on.

Sun conjunct Saturn is an excellent time for taking a “broad overview” of our life situation, as Saturn’s ray is very purposeful, utilitarian, and reflective. But, we do need to keep in mind here that we are viewing things from a much more serious perspective now, and our viewpoint may be “much lighter” in a few days.

On Sun-Saturn days, we are also often forced to deal with issues from our past (past karma). Often we give them closure at this time. In other cases, we may go back to doing things that we use to do, in the past, employing old strategies.  Too, we may want keep a close eye on events impacting the collective now, particularly events involving shifts in power or pivotal, weightier matters from the past that resurface again and need to be resolved or immediately attended to.

The Moon’s entrance into Sensitive Cancer (9:47 am EDT) and its opposition to Defensive Pluto (2:56 pm EDT) is a time when we are potentially more vulnerable emotionally, so we need to be aware of this and try not to overreact. We  do need to steer clear of power struggles with this more volatile Plutonian energy, especially alongside the Sun-Saturn.

On the plus side, Pluto can produce penetrating insights and make us privy to “top-secret” information. A corollary to this: We shouldn’t be too surprised if we hear about, or see, “double agents” roaming around in trench coats, wearing dark sunglasses.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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