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“Love is a fire.  But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.” Joan Crawford


The calendar may read “September 25,” but in reality things may seem a little more like “Halloween” with the Illuminating Sun in “Romantic” Libra square to that scary, “Dark Bogeyman” Pluto in “Skeletal” Capricorn.

Whenever Mysterious Pluto is in the picture, we tend to meet up with “an implosion” or two, experience a “toppling” of some of our expectations, sometimes out of nowhere. In other words:  The bag of candy we have innocently collected, going door to door, may contain a few tricks. So beware!

With Pluto in “Career” Capricorn, too, it could very well be that our “professional ambitions” may be where we see some “battle” or “reconfiguration” taking place today. Also, keep in mind: This is probably not the best day to deliberately provoke power struggles with higher-ups.  Or, force co-workers to follow our own “selfish agendas.” (Pluto often makes us tyrannical and non-cooperative, so we may need to correspondingly “temper our impulses” to preserve the peace.)

Additionally, with the Sun stationed in the “partnership sign” of Libra, romance could also get a little spooky. Especially when our partner takes off his or her mask, for the first time, and we see them as they really are. (OMG!!! “Honey, please do me a favor, and put your mask back on, right away!!!” I had no clue, all these years, about any of this!!! Who, what did I marry??? Is it still too late to pick what’s behind door number three instead?)

Pluto’s ray often does expose us “to the truth.” What was previously hidden, or submerged, is now brought out into the light of day.  On the plus side, Sun-Pluto days can be very “healing” and “transforming” because in wake of “discovering the truth,” or, in some cases, “baring our souls,” we often feel “freer.” More genuine. Sun-Pluto is synonymous with the “purge process.”

It may additionally be interesting to see the kinds of things going on in the collective today. Look particularly for notable, life-altering “dramatic revelations,” “coup d’etats,” “historic, transforming firsts.” Also, spy stuff could again figure promimently.

In lieu of this “purge-type” energy today, now is a good time to engage in various “de-cluttering” tasks. For instance, we may want to go through the clothes closets and pitch or donate to charity what we no longer need. Or, go through each room and rid ourselves of objects or pieces of furniture that may be “weighing down” a room’s rhythm or vibration. Maybe work in the yard doing some weeding, or aerating, readying the earth for “new growth” in the future. At its noblest expression, “Sun-Pluto”  symbolizes “rebirth” and “rising victoriously” from the ashes.

The Moon wraps up her stay in “Just Do It” Aries with some easy aspects to Creative Neptune (9:12 am EDT), “Expansive” Jupiter (12:02 pm EDT) and “Humanistic” Aquarius (12:15 pm EDT) before descending into “Practical, Slower-Moving” Taurus (4:17 pm EDT). The Taurus Moon will also form an insightful trine to Pluto at (9:49 pm EDT) accentuating today’s “awakening” vibration.

In the News:

The  Thanet Wind Farm, the world’s largest offshore (Piscean) wind farm, opened Friday off the southeast coast of Thanet district in Kent, England. Notable here, from an astrological perspective, is the tight “Jupiter and Uranus” conjunction in Sea-ruling Pisces. Uranus rules technological and scientific advancement (the wind farm) and Jupiter is associated with making things “larger.” The project will reportedly make a pivotal contribution to the Government’s renewable energy goals.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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