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“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through.  Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.  This is a kind of death.” Anais Nin


The shining “ever-so-brightly” Harvest Full Moon in “Self-Discovery” Aries. A wonderful time to go inside and reflect upon and nurture our own “self-love,” for it is only after we truly love ourselves, can we be fully open and available to loving others and enjoying the magical Libra “partnership experience” as it was meant to be.

This Full Moon is also tightly squared by “Transformational” Pluto in Capricorn. With Pluto, we’re invited (may be forced) to journey to our “very depths” and explore that inner territory that we often keep ourselves “blindfolded from” stemming from our “fear of the unknown.”

But, it is in these “dark, untapped regions” where this majestic Harvest Moon is now shining its “brightest light” and where we can reap a “bumper crop.” What is blocking us from “self love?” What is holding us back from having “satisfying relationships?” If we but only take the time to go inside, we may find out the answers to these deeper questions now, while also claiming some of our own “buried treasure.”

In the news: With the “Pioneering” Aries Full Moon square “Transformational” Pluto in “Governmental” Capricorn, “government health care reform” begins to take effect today in the U.S. (Pluto rules insurance and reform, while “squares” force issues.) It is also notable that “Expansive” Jupiter is conjunct “Humanistic” Uranus in Compassionate Pisces which can indicate opportunities or “more benefits” for members of the collective (due to the “generous” nature of Jupiter). Pisces also rules the medical profession and health-care providers such as hospitals.  Additionally, Trailblazing Mars is in Scorpio (a sign it co-rules with Pluto) which deals with insurance matters. Wherever Mars transits by sign, it often energizes the activities or affairs denoted by that sign.

Celebrity Birthday: The “Boss” Bruce Springsteen turns 61 today! Talk about “creativity,” Bruce has 5 of his planets in his packed fifth house of self-expression, most are in harmonious sextile to his powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction in “naturally theatrical” Leo, in his money house, giving him “mass appeal” and also a psychological need and desire “for an audience.” (Pluto rules the masses.)

Normally, when the fifth house of a horoscope is heavily aspect, the person “is an artist” in some capacity. Bruce’s “Mental, Communicative” Mercury in “Dreamy” Libra tightly conjuncts his “Imaginative” Neptune, making him a spellbinding storyteller with his lyrics. Also with four planets in “Social, Idealistic” Libra it is natural for him to connect with other people and also poises him towards taking strong stands on “social issues,” like fellow Libran, John Lennon, as Libra is a “cardinal” sign associated with “action.” Bruce also has “Rebel” Uranus in his first house of personality endowing him with originality and genius and also making him revel in “defying convention” and “going against the norm.”

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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