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“Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.” Miles Franklin


It’s the “Autumnal Equinox.” The “Illuminating” Sun vacates “Please, Just Let Me Vacuum One More Time Before I Go!” Virgo for “We Make Such A Lovely Couple, Don’t We?” Libra (11:09 pm EDT). Our focus goes from “tidying up the homestead,” “updating our job skills,” and “purifying our minds and bodies,” to wanting to “submerge ourselves” into the “belly of relationships,” “patch up our union difficulties,” and make a noble attempt at “world peace.” We’re also hoping to add more “beauty and pizazz” to the world by shopping furiously to update our wardrobes and praying that “Scrooge” Saturn doesn’t see the charge card statement when it arrives.

Meanwhile, the “Tender, Compassionate” Pisces Moon is tending to the last of her “prayer requests.” We may want to do likewise (Pisces rules our “link to the Divine”). Later, the Pisces Moon will be restocking the “oceanic bar” with a fresh, 30-day supply of liquor, which she fears may not be enough to last out the whole month now with “Always Thirsty” Jupiter back into Pisces “inebriated waters, “alongside that very “Erratic Drinker” Uranus. Jupiter conjoined Uranus in “drinking hole” Pisces can give a rich “fondness for alcohol” since Pisces rules liquor. Jupiter is also not known “for moderation,” especially when conjoined with Impulsive Uranus who also has difficulty “tempering his impulses.” If we normally have “problems holding our liquor” we may be well-advised to “leave it alone,” for awhile, particularly while this “potent aspect” is in operation.

Celebrity Birthday:

Italian singer Andrea Bocelli turns 52 today.  Andrea has both a “Perfectionist” Virgo Sun and Virgo Ascendant.  Also helping him to sing melodiously and “to perfection” are Soothing Venus (ruling the voice) and Mercury (ruling communication) both conjoined in Virgo and also tightly conjunct his Ascendant.  “Venus-Mercury” can make us popular and also gives us a way with words, as Venus rules our “power of attraction” and Mercury rules “speech.” We can “win others over” with our communication skills. Venus also rules all that is beautiful and Mercury helps Venus to articulate that beauty through language. Andrea takes all this, one step further, by masterfully marrying “words to music.” Andrea also has his Emotional Moon in Serious Capricorn conjunct his fifth house of personal creativity giving his feelings “depth and drama,” which serve him well in his interpretation of the music. Too, all his “Virgo energy” gives him vast ability to pay close attention to all those “little details” and “minor nuances” of a melody, so as to bring all of its inherent splendor to life with his ‘godlike voice.”

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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