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“Sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn.” Garrsion Keillor


“Health-conscious” Virgo Sun opposes “Over-indulgent” Jupiter and also “You Can’t Force Me To Eat My Vegetables!” Uranus in “Please Don’t Hold Me Accountable” Pisces. Dietary discipline may very much be needed today. Especially with the “Liquor-Friendly” Pisces Moon wanting to substitute tequilas instead of fresh fruit for dessert. Too, with today’s more “unsettled energy” pattern around us now, we may all be wanting a few stiff drinks by the end of the day. (Try breathing slowly and meditatively chanting instead.  Remember, the Moon is still in “mystically-minded” Pisces.)


With the Virgo Sun opposing the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction (forcing Equality Issues) in Underdog Pisces today, the U.S. Senate is slated to cast a pivotal vote on the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Uranus is usually emphasized when “gay rights” issues come to the forefront, as Uranus embodies “freedom of expression” within the framework of “groups and the collective.”

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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