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“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein


The Analytical Virgo Sun is under siege from  “Jolly” Jupiter, “Ants In Your Pants” Uranus, and “Please, Just Let Me Fade Away” Neptune. Needless to say, there will be very little down time today for the Sun to help “Mental” Mercury in Virgo figure out crossword puzzles.

The Nocturnal Moon also finishes up her stay in “Friendly” Aquarius and is suppose to be meeting up with “Spacey” Neptune  (9:09 am EDT) herself, before she leaves the sign, but she is concerned “as usual” that Neptune will either be a “no-show” or will just “keep her waiting” again.

Not to worry, however, as the Moon will be sinking into Neptune’s “Fishy” Pisces Moon sea in a little while anyway (4:15 pm EDT), where things are sure to get interesting with both Jupiter and Uranus conjoined together at the hip there. One of those days where “mermaids may rule” and logic could fly out the window. Also, throw in a little Uranian revolt for good measure.


Breaking “Fishy” news story:  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reportedly considering whether to approve “genetically-altered” salmon that are injected with a “growth-hormone” to a make them reach full size in half the time that it takes normal salmon to reach adulthood.

This news report today comes on the heels of:  1) the fishy Pisces Moon; 2) the Virgo (Health) Sun’s fishy quinqunx to Neptune, ruler of the sea in scientific Aquarius;  3) the Jupiter and Uranus exact conjunction in fishy Pisces now; and 4) the Virgo Sun’s opposition to Jupiter and Uranus in salmon-fishing Pisces.

Jupiter “over-sizes” whatever it touches and Uranus, and Aquarius, the sign it rules, governs “scientific and technological” advances. Therefore, it’s easy to make the leap:  Jupiter+Uranus in Fishy Pisces = Bigger, fatter, genetically-altered fish!  I must add, too, that last night, when I was thinking about what to write for this blog for today, I was considering calling it “Fish Revolt” playing on the Uranus in Pisces theme (and the Sun’s opposition to rebel Uranus). When I heard this news story today, I was thinking it was maybe somewhat of a “clairvoyant thought” on my part to call it “Fish Revolt.”  It could be the fish are also ticked about this genetic-tampering and they will wage a revolt!  Too, I was just thinking that the “fish revolt” I was picking up, could be the fact that a lot of people are “revolted” by the idea of eating altered fish. I think that’s it!

It’s so fascinating, too, that the Sun is now in health-ruling Virgo opposite Jupiter and Uranus in fishy Pisces and the Sun is also quinqunx Neptune in genetically-altering Aquarius. This advanced biotechnology with fish is already raising big Virgo health concerns! Too, opposition aspects often trigger events.  I was looking for some “big news” with the Sun opposition and I believe this is it.  Of course, we also had the official pronouncement on Sunday that BP “blown-out oil well” in the Gulf of Mexico is now “dead.”

Personal note: I’m being flagged by “real life” obligations that will have me, unfortunately, checking in here with my “daily horoscope” on a “less than daily basis” for a while. I’ll still be here, but probably only “once or twice” a week. Anybody need a Kleenx?  Will miss you.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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