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“It is our illusions that create the world.” Didier Cauwelaert


We need to watch ourselves “closely” today, as we may be invaded by all kinds of “weird, strange ideas” via the Sun’s queer “quinqunx” aspect to “I’m Purely A Figment Of Your Imagination” Neptune. Anytime Sun-Neptune pair up, things get a little “foggy” for us. Our judgment “gets cloudy.” There’s also ample opportunity to become “big time delusional” with this duo, as our imagination can easily “overtake us.” However, we also need to clarify here that this “delusional thinking” thing does NOT extend to our thoughts and feelings about George Clooney and also his feelings for us. We’re crazy about George Clooney and we know for a fact that he feels the same way about us! Don’t you, George?

Another spooky realm with Sun-Neptune is people “lying to us,” or at least “stretching the truth.” We also would be wise, ourselves, not to tell any “big lies” to others today, as there could be “serious fall-out” for us later, if we do. (Notice how I also said “big lies.” “Small lies” or “white lies,” are perfectly acceptable to tell and generally “unavoidable” and “needed” in the course of daily living to preserve the peace and save face, don’t you agree? Especially telling white lies about our age, weight, and whether we’ve had cosmetic surgery. Of course we’re going to “lie” about all those things! Also another acceptable lie: “Honey, do I look fat in this dress?” “No, you look great! (big fate lie!).” I did, however, date a guy once who did “lie” to me about his age and, frankly, that did bother me quite a bit.  He kept the lie going to me, too, for several years, before I finally found out that he was actually five years older than what he originally told me. Felt like a fool when I did find this out and also very deceived. What other crap did he lie to me about? So, maybe it’s a “bad thing” for “men” to lie about their ages, but still “okay” for “women” to lie about their ages.  Or maybe men can lie about their ages, too, but they need to come clean about this lie in a reasonable period of time. What do you think?)

On the bright side today, we do also have, perhaps, a “tighter grip on reality,” this go-round with Sun-Neptune, because the Moon is now in “Objective” Aquarius, which is suppose to endow us with miraculous ability to “coolly detach” from our emotions and thoughts.  Let’s hope that this “detached ability” comes through for us today. On the plus side, too, Sun-Neptune can be highly creative. And, it also has strong “mystical overtones” to it.

As always, with the “Progressive, Group-Friendly” Aquarian Moon, this is a good time to immerse ourselves in social activities with friends, clubs, or perhaps partake in humanitarian outlets, which would be a very good thing for all of us to do.  Too, with the “spacey” Sun-Neptune vibe, some of us may want to retrieve our hippie beads and bell bottoms and form a “temporary commune” maybe out in our back yards. Channel “fond memories” (at least what we can still recall) from the “good ole’ days.”

“Don’t trust anyone over thirty.”

“Make love, not war.”

“Tune in, drop out.”

“What’s your sign, man?”

“That’s groovy!”

Celebrity Birthday: Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers is having his 70th birthday today.  Bill was born with his Sun, Mars, and Neptune tightly conjunct in Virgo. His Virgo planets are also harmoniously trine to Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, all conjunct together in Taurus, which rules the voice.  And, what a heavenly voice Bill has.

Was talking earlier in the blog about “Sun-Neptune” and how we had to “watch out” for this aspect today, as it can sometimes do “strange things to our psyches, including hijacking them, at least temporarily.”  Well, while the “shadow side” of this aspect can incite delusional thoughts, stimulate ego-denying experiences, and generate other assorted difficulties in various and sundry ways, the upside to it is that it can also be a “phenomenally creative” aspect.

If you’re a musician, singer, painter, actor, photographer, film-maker, or dancer, Sun-Neptune is one of the best aspects to have because it gives a fertile imagination and the ability to visualize and conceptualize, often to the point of genius. It also gives incredible “psychic sensitivity,” and can make one deeply compassionate.

Bill’s Energizing Mars also conjoins his Sun-Neptune, intensifying his creative instincts even more. Elvis Presley had his Mars-Neptune midpoint exactly conjunct his midheaven (10th house of career). With Mars-Neptune, or Sun-Neptune, there is natural ability to be able to almost “hypnotically connect” with the public.  It’s a very mesmerizing, dreamy aspect, especially for an entertainer or performer to have.  And we want our entertainers to be able to transport us to “other realms” through their craft, don’t we? That’s all part of the imaginative “Neptunian” experience. So next time you “get lost” in a song, realize that you’re having a “Neptune” moment. Embrace the magic of it.  Let it “set you free.”


With the Sun exactly quinqunx Neptune today (Neptune rules the sea and oil), WSJ.com is reporting that BP’s blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has been declared “dead.” The 150 degree quinqunx aspect indicates an “altered” or “adjusted” state.  In this case, part of the sea’s terrain (the oil well) is “adjusted.”

Also notable here is the exact Jupiter and Uranus’ conjunction in Neptune-ruled Pisces which can indicate “breakthroughs” (in the “Pisces sea”). So two powerful forces at play here.

Additionally, we have the powerfully energizing Mars in Scorpio sextile to healing Pluto, an aspect denoting “transformation” and “release.” (Pluto also rules wells and “depth experiences.”) Knowing that this well is now “dead” (a Scorpio state) will hopefully spawn a ” transformational healing” process in many, including the sea itself.

Also, WSJ.com is reporting that Sahara India Pariwar is in talks to buy Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) for more than $2 billion dollars. This story also ties in with the Sun quinqunx Neptune today and the Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces, as Neptune and Pisces rule film-making studios and motion pictures. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can bring about “sudden developments” and “new opportunities.”

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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