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“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Edmund Hillary


The “Utilitarian” Capricorn Moon continues for one more day, throwing a harmonious trine to the Analytical Virgo Sun (5:19 pm EDT). Very positive energy for “sizing up” situations, “evaluating resources,” and for “formulating effective strategies.”  “Assertive” Mars in “Perceptive” Scorpio also is a big assist here, especially with its applying sextile to Pluto which is very transformational and healing. Excellent for any renovation or makeover type projects. Also for attending to insurance, estate, and tax matters (all “Scorpio-ruled” areas).

Additionally, we have Expansive Jupiter closing in on an exact conjunction (Saturday) with Innovator Uranus in Psychic Pisces which can give us sudden, brilliant insights “out of the blue.”  Uranus is associated with “genius.”

“Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the news:

With the “All Business” Capricorn Moon and Pluto, now direct again in Capricorn (the sign which rules government), the Senate, on Thursday, finally passed a “small business aid-bill” that had been held up for months by Republican opposition. The aid is slated to include tax breaks for business and also make business credit more available, hopefully triggering job creation and elevating the stagnant economy. Energizer Mars recent entrance into Scorpio (the sign that deals with taxes and credit) and its favorable sextile to “regenerating” Pluto was also, no doubt, a positive catalyst here in bringing about “sudden movement” on this matter.

The Senate passage, by a 68 to 31 vote, with two Republicans joining the Democratic majority, means that the legislation will go back to the House, which earlier passed a similar measure and is expected to give the nod to the Senate version next week.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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