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“I beg of you…never assume an inner or an outer pose, never a disguise.” Gustav Mahler


The Moon continues in “Dutiful, Capable” Capricorn, supporting well the Sun and Mercury duo in “Laboring” Virgo. This is good energy for getting work-related. or business-related, tasks accomplished. Always with the Capricorn Moon, and the companion Virgo energy, we’re wanting to “upgrade” ourselves, better our skills, garner recognition from our peers for our “mighty achievements.”

Although, it must also be said that, now, with the “ultra-sexy” Venus-Mars conjunction, in “hot to trot” Scorpio, it is becoming more of a challenge for many of us to keep focused on our day-to-day work responsibilities and business obligations. Our thoughts and bodies want to be somewhere else, doing something else entirely. And we’re not just talking vacuuming here! Even though that can, of course, be a very pleasurable experience, too. Particularly with some of the new and improved “upright models” and all the window blinds closed, of course.

In The News:

The French Senate passed a law Tuesday banning the wearing of any veils that cover the face, the first European country to do so. The ban targets the burqa, which encompasses full-body covering including mesh over the face, and the niqab, which is a full-lace veil that allows for the eyes to be exposed.  The controversial legislation takes effect next spring.

In astrology, Neptune-ruled Pisces is the sign that is associated with “all manner of disguise.” Presently, Jupiter (ruling politicians) is conjunct “Rebel, Change-Agent” Uranus in Pisces. The conjunction here could be interpreted as “a revolt” against a “form of  disguise.”  Uranus characteristically breaks with tradition and culture.

“Control-Mogul” Pluto also stationed direct in Governmental Capricorn, on Tuesday, when the law banning veils was passed. Often with Pluto, what was previously “hidden,” is exposed. (What was hidden earlier by the veil is now exposed?)  Pluto, the transformer, also acts in such a way that “historic firsts” or “precedents” are often set.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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