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“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” Vincent Van Gogh


The Moon finishes up her dreamy stay in “Wish Upon A Star” Sagittarius but not before encountering a couple of snags in the guise of the Unpredictable Uranus and Over-Confident Jupiter. What this all means is that we may need to “temper our impulses” today and try to “flow with any changes” instead of trying to resist them.

The ingress of the Moon into “I Want It All” Capricorn (4:30 pm EDT) puts us into a more “material” frame of mind and with a resourceful sextile to Energetic Mars in Shrewd Scorpio we can see the realization of our practical goals (5:44 pm EDT).

Feeling a “heady sense” of our own power is also probable with the Moon’s conjunction with “Power-Grabber” Pluto (9:52 pm EDT). Of course, for some of us on the east coast, this “sense of power” may arise when we are already tucked away “under the covers,” which could prove kind of interesting. Especially with “Sexual” Mars now in “Passionate, Controlling” Scorpio, alongside “Innocent, Love Maven” Venus.

News Update: With Jupiter (ruling religious figures) exactly conjoined Controversial Uranus in Spiritual Pisces, Pope Benedict XVI is poised to make a trip to the UK on Thursday that is drawing a lot of attention and criticism.

Patrice Thompson

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