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“The mind is restless and difficult to restrain, but it is subdued by practice.” Bhagavad Gita


Moon leaves “Dark, Foreboding” Scorpio for “I Just Want To Be Free Again” Sagittarius (8:52 am EDT). “Can you help me to achieve this end?” (Please??? Pretty please???)

The problems we are dealing with today are in the guise of “Over-indulgent” Jupiter and “Hippie-Rebel” Uranus both in “Drink Till You Drop” Pisces. Mars, at the very end of “Matrimonial” Libra, is colliding with both of these “juiced-up” forces via the queer “quinqunx” aspect, which means it could be kind of dicey for all of us. In fact, I woke up this morning and am already having serious “Uranus-ruled” computer issues, so I may be “hitting the Pisces bottle” even sooner than usual. (No lie. I may even spike my coffee with hard liquor, before I finish this blog.  It’s that bad.)

Of course, the thing that makes this “quinqunx scenario” even more risky is because Mars is in the “marriage” sign, so we could be capturing all manner of “holy grief” from our partners, no matter what we do. Another thing: With the rebellious, yet evasive, energy of the day, all we want to do is run away and hide from from our mates in some Piscean hippie commune.

With “overzealous Mars-Jupiter,” we’re also thinking that we may just be able to get away with it, and successfully blend in with the other traumatized hippies, who have also ditched their spouses, if we but only meditate and pray hard enough on the matter. It’s also that we don’t love our partners.  We do.  We just need some time away from them, perhaps a few decades, because they’re driving us frickin’ crazy!!!

“Quit reminding me how I’m suppose to squeeze the frickin’ toothpaste!!! I’ll squeeze it any damn way, I please!!! In fact, I may go out and buy a hundred tubes of toothpaste and come back and squeeze them all at the same time in front of you!!! Would you like that??? And, I also don’t need to catch further grief from you about having to remember to “cap them all up” when I’m through!!!”

If the hippie commune is full, we may want to “get thee to a nunnery!” (Another kind of Pisces “shelter.”)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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