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“My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex.” Alicia Silverstone

Moon vacates restless Aries for the stabilizing, calming pastures of Taurus (10:36 am EDT). The Taurus Moon forms a magical grand earth trine with transforming Pluto in ambitious Capricorn and the illuminating Sun in hard-working Virgo.

“The Universe is meting out to us some ‘cosmic rewards’ today for our recent, diligent efforts. The systematic Virgo Sun is also wanting us to select our rewards from the following three areas: 1) sex 2) chocolate 3) or what’s behind door number three.

We also have it from a very reliable source, that behind door number three, is either a 72-hour date with George Clooney or a 72-hour Alaskan fishing expedition with Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, if we select this third option, we will not know until after our selection is made whether we will be spending time with Clooney or Palin.

Also, if we go with the “sex” option, there is no additional information regarding who it is we will be having sex with, male or female. For that matter, it could theoretically involve having sex with even an inanimate object. Or, maybe with an alien creature from outer space, such as Mel Gibson.

Our safest bet, it appears, is to go with option number two. The chocolate. The sure thing.

For we all know that chocolate never lies to us. It also doesn’t swear, threaten, or womanize. It’s not afraid of commitment, or fulfilling its obligations.  There’s nothing fishy about it. Plus, it’s not obnoxious when poured on thick. And, best of all, it always gives the best kisses!”

In the News:

The story of those thirty-three miners found alive but trapped, three weeks after a mine collapse near Copiapo, Chile, came to worldwide attention with Restrictive Saturn still in a tight square to Intense Pluto.

Pluto rules mines and miners, and also governs “extreme” conditions.  Saturn rules limiting, confining situations and hardships. Saturn square Pluto is often synonymous with a “severe test of faith” and circumstances seemingly “at their bleakest.”

The heartbreaking story of these miners shows us all how trying and desperate life can be at times. But, regardless of the situation, we must never give up hope. Our prayers are with these men and their families. And for a speedy resolution to this matter.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

Source Notes:

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