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“Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.” Cher

Moon’s in “Forget the Mind, Let’s Get Physical” Aries. The Sun and Mercury are in “Health-Conscious” Virgo and preaching to Venus and Mars, still conjoined in “Mating” Libra, about the hazards of engaging in sex before first taking capsules of cod liver oil.

In case you’re also wondering: Venus did get out of bed to go shopping yesterday, but with the arrival of the weekend, and the “I want sex, and I want it now!” Aries Moon, still hovering around, she has decided to position herself back under the bed sheets with Mars, with yet another promise from him, of more opportunities to purchase expensive jewels on his credit card again, in the near future.

“We’ve had a stressful week, and now that the weekend is here, we want to unwind. But the Aries Moon is also casting a decidedly “physical” tone to the day. It’s clamoring to us to engage our muscles and other body parts in an intimate workout. Preferably, too, with another human being, because “Love Diva” Venus and “Sex Pistol” Mars are still in Libra, the sign of “The Other.”

Mercury and the Sun in “Clinical” Virgo are also requesting that we do our best to engage in only “responsible, healthy sex” this weekend, so as not to overtax our systems. In other words, in between the passionate night moves, we’ll need to monitor and document our vital signs, such as our temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure. And, if need be, spray for germs.

Now we know why so many Virgos are still virgins!

If we have to go through all this stuff, each time, is it really worth it? Even with George Clooney?

‘George, we have to stop now. I need to check your pulse. Hold on a minute, let me listen to your heart beat. Stick out your tongue, George, and let me look at it. And beat on it with my wooden stick.’

You know what? This approach may be just what the doctor ordered!

‘George, stick out your tongue again.

Yes, it looks like we may need to operate.”

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

Source Notes:

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