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“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads.  Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” Rosalia de Castro

Moon is in Adventurous Aries throwing aspects to a lot of the biggies, including Extravagant Jupiter, Obsessive Pluto, Depressive Saturn, the Illuminating Sun, and Delusional Neptune. The Aries Moon always generates a lot of buzz and excitement when it comes around every 28 days or so.

Meanwhile, the Proper Virgo Sun is separating from his channeling trine to Past Life Pluto, and is already writing formal “thank-you” notes” to the beloved spirits that graciously took the time to stop by to see him and help him out a little with the vacuuming.

As to be expected, Venus in Libra now has Mars’ credit card in tow and is ready to kiss Mars “Adios” for the perceived greener pastures of Tiffany’s to purchase the diamond jewels that Mars promised her when he originally got her in the sack several days ago at the start of their lovey-dovey conjunction.

“With the ingress of the Moon into ‘Pioneering’ Aries, many of us are longing to conquer and discover the world around us, including even re-discovering and taming the Wild West, particularly San Francisco. Others of us just want to go shopping.  It’s all good. We only need to remember not to get too carried away with whatever outlet we choose today, as we still need to pick up the kids from soccer practice by 4 pm.”

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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