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“I like the silence of a church, before the service begins better than any preaching.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Moon enters Mystical Pisces (10:11 am EDT) with a Divine Full Moon also occurring in the sign (1:05 pm EDT) today.

Love Diva Venus and Sex Lord Mars are just about plum worn out in Honeymoon Libra, but with the arrival of the Fantasy Minded Pisces Moon, they gain a second wind and begin praying and chanting for the chance to spend a few more passionate nights together.

The Moon’s quinqunx to Stern Saturn in Marital Libra may throw in a monkey wrench here for Venus and Mars, however, unless sexual Pluto can convince the Moon to grant them an extension, via Pluto’s intimate, R-rated “sextile aspect” to the Moon.

The Abstaining, Logical Virgo Sun is proclaiming “No you can’t!” to a High As A Kite Jupiter in Manic Aries who is wanting to scale tall buildings, as a consequence of the pipeline of liquor supplied to him from a conjoined Lunatic Uranus in Alcohol Friendly Pisces (Sun quinqunx Jupiter).

“With the Full Moon occurring in Theologian Pisces and the Sun in “clean till you drop” Virgo, this is a good time to perform some “spiritual cleaning.” Recommended top-ten activities for this day include:

10) Alphabetizing and filing all the affirmations, sermons and church bulletins

9) Clearing away cobwebs in convents

8) Dusting off religious statues, crucifixes

7) Starching choir robes

6) Polishing Communion chalices

5) Re-stringing rosary beads

4) Vacuuming temples

3) Shampooing cathedral carpet

2) Waxing church pews

1) And disinfecting confessionals.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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