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“Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour springs and germinates no more.” Henri Frederic Amiel

Sun files into Studious, Dutiful Virgo (1:27 am EDT). Moon is in Scientific, Hi-Tech Aquarius. Love Goddess Venus and Sex Pistol Mars are holding on for dear life together in Mating Libra. The Leo Sun is catching some grief from Fashion Coordinator Mars in Libra because the Sun’s gold-colored tie is clashing with the variant gold tone hue of its sunspots (Sun semi-square Mars).

“The Sun enters Immaculate Virgo today, a sign known not only for its fortitude for cleaning, but also for its vast intelligence and book smarts. With the lovey-dovey, sex duo, Venus and Mars, still cooing with every breath, I’m thinking that it’s a grand time to dust off those fantasies about quiet librarians.

We need to drop by the public library and maybe hang out in the Aquarian Moon’s science and technology section. And brace ourselves for some page-turning moments, as we feel the heat coming off the books, and finally spy the “prim and proper” librarian, passionately fidgeting with her eyeglasses. OMG!!!

UPDATED NEWS: We earlier had reported here that the Van Gogh painting “Poppy Flowers” that was stolen on Friday from the Mahmoud Kahlil Museum, had been recovered by authorities late Saturday night at an airport in Cairo.  It appears now that the news report was flawed (Mercury retrograde?), and the painting is, unfortunately, still missing. So, Saturn and Pluto still have some more detective work to do together. But, guys, we all have complete confidence in the two of you still solving this case.

The painting disappeared with “Sun opposite Neptune,” a classic signature of thievery and deception.  Neptune rules paintings, and its ray is often prominent in art thefts. Saturn in Libra (the zodiacal sign also ruling fine art) was also exactly square Control Freak Pluto at the time, plus Mercury had just turned retrograde. My intial theory was that someone wanted the art for their own collection.

My fellow astrologer, Dipali Desai, on Twitter Saturday said that there was a good chance the thief (thieves) would be caught because of Saturn-Pluto.  Pluto is the Master Spy and Grand Detective and Saturn-Pluto can create transparency. The two are also superb at holding people accountable, so maybe the crime will get solved.

One news caption on this story is reading: “Confusion Grows Over Stolen Van Gogh painting.” It may be more accurate to title it: “Neptunian Confusion Grows Over Stolen Van Gogh Painting, Made Worse by Mercury Retrograde.”

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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