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“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.” Joanne Woodward.

Keep those telescopes and binoculars handy for at least a couple more days.  Venus and Mars are still coupling in Conjugal Libra above and Neptune and the Sun are still serving drinks to the rest of the planets, via their waning opposition to each other. Too, with the Moon in Hippie Aquarius now, the activities above could grow to include a measure of “collective free love” and the creation of more “hippie communes.”

Always thirsty Jupiter is certainly pleased that Uranus is back in liquor-friendly Pisces because now he has a special pipeline to the alcohol, since they are both technically still in a conjoined position with each other, which even though it does sound a little kinky, it’s actually a very spiritual alignment, producing a deep, existential awareness of the galactic condition, particularly after downing a few pina coladas.

While all this stuff is happening around us, the steamy sex in the sky, and hopefully a lot of sex and smooching going on down below in your household, too, yours truly is still saving herself exclusively for George Clooney, who continues to be a no-show, despite the fact that the two of us actually share the same brain.  This is true.

See, George and I both have our Mental Mercurys at 20 degrees of Taurus, which means that we are both joined at the head. I guess I’ll settle for what I can get, but I do think it would also be fun to be conjoined somewhere else with George. Especially now with all this passionate Venus Mars action going on.

George, George, George.  What the heck am I gonna do with you? Huh? Eluding me for so long. Another Saturday night has come and gone, George. Another tragic, wasted night of opportunity for the two of us, has passed us by.  All I can say is, it’s a good thing that I at least have a telescope and am able to observe, albeit remotely, some measure of passion among the stars. Vicarious thrills, George. I know, it’s sad. Very sad. But, George, it’s all that I got. But know in my heart, George, that I do long for the real thing with you.

In the News: It appears that Form-Builder Saturn’s entrance into the “Balancing Scales” of Libra is coinciding with the generation of more attempts at diplomacy, an area that Libra naturally rules. So the pendulum seems to be moving the other way now, away from confrontation and violence, to attempts at peace, which is very interesting.

Saturn’s inclusion in the “Cardinal T-Cross,” too, with Transforming Pluto and Expansive Jupiter, can have the sum total affect of redefining the playing field of the scheme of things. Of course, we are referring here to “attempts at peace.”  Whether peace will manifest and be long-lasting, is another question.  Too, there is still unchecked violence occurring around the world, on a daily basis, but what may be refreshing here is at least there seems to be more of a “consciousness of the need for peace,” which is at least a start in the right direction.

Cardinal energy always equates to the “taking of action,” particularly with a T-Cross occurring in the Cardinal signs now. We had the last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq this week and now there is also word that Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to resume peace talks on September 2nd.

Did think it was really fascinating, too, that the U.S. combat troops exited Iraq with the spacier “Mars-Neptune” aspect (135 degrees) and the applying, hazy “Sun-Neptune” opposition, a similar energy.  Mars rules aggression. Neptune, known as the Great Dissolver, can mitigate the aggressive impulses.  Neptune, I guess, could equate here with a “surrendering up of the  aggressive inklings,” with the simultaneous nebulous notion, or maybe it is best to be viewed, as a hopeful notion, depending on how you look at it, that “everything is also okay.”

Neptune tends to make us wax idealistic and dreamy. It can also be a deceptive and traitorous aspect, however. Traitorous to our own logic and reasoning. With Neptune’s ray, we often get wrapped up in a cozy cocoon with our delusional thoughts, thinking things are fine when in reality they are not.  Hopefully, though, things will turn out okay here regarding this matter. Our combat troops in Iraq deserve to be home after doing a valiant job for us over there, even though our reasons for being in Iraq were not always that clear to many of us and it seems that we got mired in there under an umbrella of confusion and erroneous beliefs about weapons of mass destruction.  The U.S. entered Iraq just as Rebel Uranus entered Obscure Pisces.

Also, there was a report out on Friday that stated that scientists have concluded that the Universe “may expand forever.” Apparently, though, that prospect is not necessarily a good thing, supposedly, as it is theorized then that the Universe will likely become a “cold, dead cosmic wasteland.”

I’m not quite sure what to make of this newest information other than to pine about the fact that we do reside in a “pretty weird, spooky place” when you really think about it. At the end of the day, though, I figure that somebody, somewhere, has surely got to be looking out for us. At least, we can continue to hope that this is the case.

The Cardinal T-Cross may have also played a role here with the release of this new information about our happy home. Cardinal energy is all about discovery and Jupiter is in New Frontiers Aries, and still conjoined with scientific Uranus, even though Uranus is back into its “inebriated state” in mystical Pisces. Jupiter-Uranus has historically been equated with breakthrough discoveries and advances in science. Uranus is also associated with outer space.

Patrice Thompson

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