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“When our memories outweigh our dreams, we have grown old.” Bill Clinton

Moon leaves “Philosophical” Sagittarius for “Career” Capricorn (10:18 am EDT) where it energizes the Cardinal T-Cross. This may prompt the need for immediate action involving power and or relationship issues. Matters of spies and or covert operations could also figure into the picture with the Moon’s conjunction to “Grand Master Spy” Pluto (4:02 pm EDT).

Meanwhile, the “Party-loving” Leo Sun cozies up to “Benevolent” Jupiter in “Thrill-seeking” Aries in a minor creative aspect.  And, “Love Goddess” Venus rapidly approaches a blissful conjunction with “Sex Pistol” Mars in “Mating” Libra.

“The heavens are heating up again with the volatile Cardinal T-Cross activity, which means we could see, among other things, governments toppled, spies busted, and secretive, covert matters brought into the light of day. None of this really concerns us that much, though. What we’re really wanting to know now is, how the heck is it, that former President Bill Clinton, manages to have the Universe set into motion the sexiest aspect of all time for his 64th birthday, via the Venus-Mars conjunction in Libra?

What makes this whole matter even more incredible and amazing is that Bill was also born when this very same, sexy, highly desirable configuration was in the sky. Which also means that today Bill is even ‘doubly-sexy!’ How could that even be possible?

We love you, Bill Clinton.  Happy Birthday!”

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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