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“Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction.” St. Teresa of Avila


The Universe is suggesting we “mingle and merge,” this weekend.  It’s providing us with an idealistic, romantic Libra Moon all Friday and into Saturday.  The Moon will also conjoin “Love Goddess” Venus (4:59 am EDT Friday) and “Sex Lord” Mars (9:22 am EDT Friday).

The Moon will then descend into Sexual Scorpio on Saturday evening (8:27 pm EDT), at which time we are highly urged to practice our “night moves” with grace and precision, particularly when the Moon throws a “sextile” aspect to “Passionate” Pluto (1:37 am EDT Sunday).

We also have the option of continuing to perfect these steamy activities throughout the day on Sunday, as the Moon stays in Scorpio all day long. Or, we can choose to do weeding and yard work.  It’s up to us. We only need to make sure that if we do choose the second option, that we don’t get carried away and try to “get intimate”  with the lawn mower. A potentially painful proposition that could also result in an “uneven lawn,” which could make us wildly unpopular in the neighborhood.

In the News:

Federal Judge Vaughn R. Walker, on Thursday, lifted his stay on the same-sex marriages ban, paving the way for gay couples in California to marry in that state. Walker delayed, however, implementation of his order to lift the ban until August 18th.

Walker’s ruling a week ago, that a voter-approved ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional, was rendered with pioneering Mars in Matrimonial Libra exactly squaring off with transformational Pluto in governmental Capricorn. Mars-Pluto can be indicative of someone “seizing power” or taking “forceful action.”  It is also a classic “war aspect” replete with power clashes and clashes of will. There is strong opposition to Judge Walker’s ruling.

Also, “Status Quo Preserver” Saturn in Nuptials Libra was opposite Uranus in Aries when Walker ruled last week.  Uranus is associated with equality and gay rights issues and also represents change. With the Saturn and Uranus opposition, once again, we had the pitting of the old versus the new, with the new winning out this time, perhaps also because of the simultaneously strong Mars-Pluto aspect which tends to bulldoze existing structures and protocol.

On August 18th, Saturn in relationship Libra will be exactly squaring transforming Pluto to a tee. It ought to be interesting to see how this aspect plays out. Saturn-Pluto can represent “death to the past,” but often not without a bitter fight and, of course, same-sex marriage remains a controversial and polarizing issue.

Famous Leo Birthdays: Fidel Castro (84 Friday), Halle Berry (44 Saturday), Melinda Gates (46 Sunday)

Enjoy your weekend!

I will be away from this blog for a while.  My 2 degree Aries rising is being sadistically hounded by the likes of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, at the moment, so I must go into seclusion and hiding for a while, with or without George Clooney. George, if you’re out there, I have some milk and cookies for you. Please stop by.

Anyway, I’ll return here once I deem it is safe to come back out. Right now, it’s a battlefield out there, so I’m seeking cover. I also do need some rest. Been burning the candle at both ends, and, sadly, there is very little of my candle left to burn at this point.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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