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“Don’t cook. Don’t clean. No man will ever make love to a woman because she’s waxed the linoleum.” Joan Rivers


Moon is in Tidy Virgo during the day.  The premier sign for heavy-duty vacuuming and all manner of cleaning. It’s the Moon position that many of us longingly wait for, all month, and the very best time to purge ourselves, both individually and collectively, of all forms of dirt and filth and scum that may be interfering with our, otherwise, healthy psychological functioning, on a daily basis, and muddying up and subverting the fortuitous feng shui energies around us.

Highly recommended actions with the Spotless Virgo Moon today: The disinfecting of shoe interiors with ammonia, scrubbing down the kids and politicians with Mr. Clean, and starching the pets, even the goldfish, so they will look and feel like they did when they first came out of the womb. Always with the Virgo Moon we are psychologically looking to return to our pure virginal roots before we were so disgustingly defiled and tampered with.

At 6:44 pm EDT, the Moon then switches to Matrimonial Libra, at which time, all “hell breaks loose,” on the homefront, as the Cardinal T-Cross is activated, yet again, due to the malicious, vindictive, mean-spirited mindset of the Universe, which wants to keep dumping on us.

The Relationship-Centered Libra Moon will be opposing Explosive Uranus, conjuncting Depressive, Sadistic Saturn, opposing Inebriated, Spendthrift Jupiter, and squaring Jealous, Control Freak Pluto.

After all that hullabaloo, the diabolical Universe still expects all of us to lovingly go to bed with each, and make lovey-dovey, like nothing has happened to us.  Pretend that our hair is still perfectly coiffed, and that the teeth marks on our arms, but fond reminders of our deep love and affection for each other. Go figure!

“It’s a dream with a V8 engine.  Ain’t nowhere else in the world where you can go from driving a truck to driving a Cadillac overnight.” Elvis Presley.

Observing the official “Elvis Week” here, August 10th-16th. Did you know that Elvis loved to play football? This is true. Elvis played the quarterback position and even after he became famous, one of his very favorite things to do was to get together with a few of his close buddies and play football with them whenever he was back home in Memphis. Elvis had Mars, ruling athletes, elevated in his horoscope, a placement that many professional athletes often have.

In The News: One more big “Venus-Pluto” story for you this week.  Remember I told you earlier that the Venus-Pluto planetary influence that is separating now could even involve a “spy connection.”  Well, come to find that Letitia Long became the first female director of a major US intelligence agency with Venus-Pluto exact to the dot on Monday. Ms. Long became Director of the Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

The NGA was created in 1996 and collects and analyzes overhead imagery and geo-spatial information.  The agency’s motto is “Know the Earth. Shows the way.”  Of course, that is the “official,” mumbo-jumbo description of the agency, but both you and I know that her real purpose as the director of that body will be to look for, hunt down, and arrest, spies from outer space. When does the government ever tell us the truth?

Anyway, I thought this story was so cool occurring under the umbrella of “Venus square Pluto,” as Venus rules “women” and Pluto rules spying and is also deposited in the governmental sign of Capricorn. Plus Venus-Pluto is part of the present, larger Cardinal T-Square, which also involves Geo-spatial Uranus residing, at the moment, in law-enforcement Aries.

Famous August 12th Leo Birthdays: Pete Sampras (39), George Hamilton (71)

Enjoy your Thursday!

Grab you a chair and sit down and observe the “spin cycle” up close. You never know, George Clooney may even stop by to do his laundry. Wouldn’t that be something?

I also wonder what kind of laundry detergent George likes to use? What do you think? Do you think he prefers the granular kind or the more flowing, sensual, liquid variety? I’ve got to believe it’s the latter, especially since he has a watery Pisces Ascendant. But, he is also a cautious Taurus. Maybe, at the end of the day, he’s more comfortable “going with the grain,” and the granular.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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