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“Nagging is the repetition of unpalatable truths.” Edith Clara Summerskill


It’s Day Two of official “Elvis Week,” August 10th-16th. (Been celebrating it a little earlier around here.)

We’re suffering through the likes of the nagging, picky “Virgo Moon” today.

Many of us are also still dealing with the fallout of the tumultuous “Venus-Pluto” aspect, which may have forced some of us to have to deal with the issue of ex-lovers (Venus) “re-appearing from the dead (Pluto),” making our lives even more miserable. Others of us are holed up in hotels because our short-fused spouses have kicked us out. Today, though, it’s the nagging that’s really getting to us.

“People are starving! Losing their homes! And all you want to do is bitch about the frickin’ toothpaste tube! Stay out of the bathroom, if you don’t like the way I squeeze the darn’ tube!

And stop going on incessantly about the way I chew my food! You’re lucky there’s even food on the table! I work my butt off, and for what???

And don’t even get started on my snoring!”

Heartbreak Hotel was the first #1 pop record by Elvis and the best-selling single of 1956. When it was released on January 27, 1956, the Moon was in dramatic Leo and Karma Lord Saturn, in expansive Sagittarius, was in a close, harmonious trine to Genius Uranus, perched at the very beginning of entertaining Leo. Saturn here served as the “form” or “container” for the launching of a whole new, “cool sound”  (Uranus) that was uniquely Elvis Presley and that helped spawned the formation of “rock and roll.”

In the News: With “Venus square Pluto” on Monday a story surfaced in the media about some woman in Canada who reportedly “faked cancer’ for two years and bilked supporters out of thousands of dollars. As I told you earlier, with “Venus-Pluto,”  we often hear about situations which involve the “manipulation” of our emotions, for whatever reason. Symbolically, too, Venus rules “women” and Pluto denotes “death,” so this particular story also played out on that level as well, with the woman “feigning” a potentially “terminal illness.”

Additionally on Monday, we heard the sad news about the dramatic, Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal (symbolized by Venus), dying (Pluto) at age 84 of lung cancer. Patricia received her Oscar for her role as a housekeeper to the Texas father  (Melvyn Douglas) at odds with his selfish, wayward son (Paul Newman) in Hud.

Patricia Neal, an ambitious Capricorn with a pioneering Aries Moon, had led a heroic life. Successfully overcoming the ravages of a series of strokes, at age 39, in which she had to relearn how to walk and talk, she later would return to the screen to earn another Oscar nomination and three Emmy nominations. In a 1988 autobiography, Neal likened her life to that of a “Greek tragedy.” In astrology, we may say it encompassed a good measure of the tragedy and sorrow of  “Venus-Pluto.”

Patricia’s death, occurring under the “Venus-Pluto umbrella,” is also a reminder of the more spiritually “regenerating” elements of this aspect. In the face of declining health, Patricia never gave up.  In fact, she endured and triumphed, and managed to come back stronger than ever. Venus-Pluto, at its noblest, is indicative of  “emotionally rising from the ashes.”

Famous August 11th Leo Birthdays: Alyson Stoner (17), Hulk Hogan (57), and my baby boy “Boo” (7), depicted down below, next to his Shih-tzu sister “Minnie,” who’s missing her head.  Since I’m losing my mind, it’s all good.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

We may want to hide the toothpaste.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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