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“If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.” Unknown Source


It’s Day Two of “As The Heavens Turn” starring “Desperate Housewife,” Venus in Libra and “Rich, Control Freak,” Pluto in Capricorn. Produced and directed by the Sun and Moon in “Drama Queen” Leo. With a cameo appearance by the “Cool, Understudy” Virgo Moon.

“We’re not answering the phone when they call.

If we forget that we’re not answering the phone and accidentally pick it up

We’re slamming it down as soon as we hear their “pack of lies” voice.

In fact, George Clooney could call and we may even hang up on him!

Who needs all this frickin’ heartache!

We’re over it!”

With the progression of the Emotional Moon into “Reasoning” Virgo at 7:02 pm EDT, we could finally catch a break here from all of this “high drama,” a time when “cooler heads” may prevail.

Elvis Presley made his first demo on July 18, 1953 when “Karma Lord” Saturn was exactly conjunct “Musical” Neptune in Creative Libra in the sky. Saturn was also passing through Elvis’ tenth house of career, often a time when there is a turning point in one’s career. Saturn conjunct Neptune, can symbolize, at its finest: The “manifestation (Saturn) of a dream (Neptune).”

In the News: On Monday, the Journal of Pediatrics reported on the findings of a study of 1200 girls that found that girls in the U.S. may be reaching puberty earlier, even as early as the age of seven. While doctors are unsure of the reason for this early maturation, rising obesity rates are being cited as a possible cause.

In astrology, Venus rules females and Pluto has to do with sexual development. The findings of this study came to public attention with Venus exactly square Pluto, which I thought was very interesting.  With the “square” influence, there is often “movement” in matters, as squares “force issues.”

Famous August 10th Leo Birthdays: Lucas Till (20), Rosanna Arquette (51)

Enjoy your Tuesday!

We may want to reconsider hanging up on George Clooney.

Patrice Thompson

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