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“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” Christian Morganstern


Moon leaves Communicative Gemini for Homebody Cancer (5:50 pm EDT) activating a rare, historic, Cardinal Grand Cross in the sky.  Connection Queen, Venus, leaves Virginal Virgo for Romantic Libra (11:48 pm EDT), assuming a place at the Grand Cross table as well.  Eccentric Uranus is eyeballing perfectly coiffed Venus from across the table and smiling at her with spinach in his teeth. Ugh!!!

“We’re home alone.

In bed.

Late at night.

Under the covers

In our polyester pj’s.

Almost dozed off and starting to peacefully dream about George Clooney.

When the frickin’ dog barks and woefully scares away poor George.


We then hear a loud noise downstairs.

And voices, and music playing.

We suddenly remember that we left the window open in the study, the place where we keep all our valuables.

Then we also remember that it’s the night of the Cardinal Grand Square activation, with weird things most likely happening on the home front. This is partly because Venus has that perfunctory, annual, “opposition date” with Quirky Uranus.

Whenever Venus gets with Uranus, her behavior becomes terribly erratic and her inhibitions fly out the window.

We don’t even want to begin to know what those two could be up to downstairs.

Done that.  Been there before. Although I personally can’t recall which decade.

So we put on ear plugs and try to fall back to sleep.

Praying that George Clooney will reappear with us, one more time, under the bed sheets.

To protect us from the harsh, cruel world, and the likes of the volatile Cardinal Square, now reaching a climactic pitch – at least downstairs!

In the News:

The United States Senate Thursday confirmed the nomination of Elena Kagan as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. She will be sworn into office in a few days and, I believe, seated on the court in October.

Kagan (b. 4/28/60) is a pragmatic Taurus with a lighthearted, humorous Gemini Moon. She also has her Mental Mercury in independent thinking Aries trine her Uranus in Leo, giving her excellent originality in her thought processes, as well as drama, wit, and spontaneity. Her Mercury is also square to serious Saturn in cautious Capricorn, good for adding depth and concentration to her mental abilities.

Right now, Kagan has transforming Pluto sitting smack on her 3 degree Jupiter in governmental Capricorn, with Jupiter symbolically ruling judges.  This will be Elena’s first experience as a judge, but something that her horoscope shows great potential aptitude for. Pluto is also exactly trining her natal Pluto at 3 degrees of  employment Virgo, good for turning over a new leaf, career-wise.

Kagan’s confirmation to the Supreme Court comes just as Mars and Saturn, and later today, Venus, occupy the sign of matrimonial Libra which also rules justice and the courts. All three planets are caught in the crossfire of the Cardinal T-Square, a time of big changes for the collective, with many of those changes having long-term consequences. Also, on Wednesday, a federal judge overturned the same sex marriage ban in California.  That matter may eventually end up in the Supreme Court with Elena Kagan one of the judges deciding whether gays should have a right to constitutionally marry in the U.S.

Kagan’s addition to the Supreme Court is precedent-setting as well as it marks the first time in history that three women have served on the Court at the same time.  Kagan is also only the fourth woman ever to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Way to go, Elena! Congratulations!

Famous August 6th Leo Birthdays: Geri Estelle Halliwell (38), Michelle Yeoh (48)

Enjoy your Friday!

You may want to put steel plates in front of all the windows before you go to bed tonight, and sleep in combat fatigues in the bomb shelter in the basement. Just a precaution with the Cancer Moon in the volatile Cardinal Grand Square and Venus on that wild date with Uranus.

Also, don’t even think about getting fresh with George Clooney in your sleep tonight.  If you do, you’ll regret it, and feel guilty as all get out when Uranus leaves Venus Saturday morning and Venus lands on Saturn’s judgmental lap on Saturday night.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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