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“The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink.” Fran Lebowitz


It’s Day Two of the “wanting-to-be-chatty” Moon in Gemini.

Instead, we’re going more than a little batty.

This time the culprit is the Sun, instead of black holes or clouds.

The Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun are striking the Earth’s electro-magnetic field and slowly, but surely, they’re wiping out all the telephone lines on the planet.

We keep trying to call our friends to chat, our therapists to schedule “talk therapy,” but all we get is:

‘All circuits are busy now.  Please hang up and dial your call later. After the Cardinal-T Cross has passed. Goodbye!’

What makes it even more frustrating: It’s the one day that George Clooney was planning on giving us a call!

In the News:

According to a new USA Today/Gallop poll released Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have reportedly hit all time lows and have dropped across the board.

In astrology, Venus governs our “power of attraction,” so it would be pivotal here. A look at President Obama’s horoscope shows that his natal Venus is at 1 degree of Cancer.  That means his Venus is being exactly hounded (squared) now by Saturn, at 1 degree of Libra. Saturn, the restrictive principal, is associated with separations and losses.  When Saturn is aligned with Venus, the love planet, we often feel “cut off from others” and it is correspondingly harder for others to relate to us.

If it’s any consolation, President, we still like you. However, you may want to think about changing your cologne.

Also on Wednesday, a federal judge overturned California’s “same-sex marriage ban” in a landmark case that will likely end up in the Supreme Court to decide if gays have a right to marry in the U.S.  With Energizer Mars and Achievement Saturn now newly-installed in marital Libra, and conjunct for the first time since 1982, and also both part of the game-changing Cardinal T-Cross, it is not surprising that this matter has been overturned. Saturn in Libra is also still in a tight opposition to Uranus in pioneering Aries (part of the cross), with Uranus ruling equality and gay rights issues.  Libra governs the courts and justice, in addition to marriage.

Billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, announced Wednesday the names of 40 of America’s wealthiest families and individuals who have signed on to the “Giving Pledge,” a charitable group that seeks to get billionaires to pledge to donate the bulk of their wealth to charitable causes. I thought this story really tied in with the current “Jupiter square Pluto” aspect.  Jupiter rules abundance and when aligned with Pluto, it can mean abundance on a mass scale. Jupiter-Pluto is a classic signature of “mega-money.”

Famous August 5th Leo Birthdays: Patrick Ewing (48), Loni Anderson (64)

Enjoy your Thursday!

Can you hear me now?  How about now?

Patrice Thompson

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