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“Being in therapy is great.  I spend an hour just talking about myself.  It’s kinda like being the guy on a date.” Caroline Rhea

“Cosmic Word of The Day”: Therapy

Definition: 1) the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process

Origin: 1840-50; NL therapia


We’re still in the clutches of the Cardinal T-Cross involving the usual suspects.

At this point, I’m thinking therapy, professional therapy is needed to deal with the maze of heavyweight issues we’re grappling with. Including the colossal issue of the falling sky and the matter of the continuing clouds camping out in our backyards, that are impeding our heroic attempts to meticulously mow and edge our lawns.

I actually mowed the grass a little while ago, but it just about killed me to do it, and I’m still shaking like a leaf. I never realized how traumatic poor visibility can be when you’re trying to mow the lawn with a frickin’ cloud in your face, and the dogs are barking, and fur is flying all around.

With the Moon’s entrance into communicative Gemini today (12:54 pm EDT), I’m thinking that we may first want to start out with “Talk Therapy,” for a couple days, instead of anything more invasive. Then, if that fails us, we will probably have no choice but to embark on the more invasive treatments such as electric-shock or lobotomies. But let’s hope that it doesn’t come to those more drastic measures.

One other dire issue that needs to be dealt with today is the matter of Love Goddess Venus near the end of Virginal Virgo.  She’s in a complicated quinqunx relationship with Deceptive, Trickster Neptune. This sort of relationship is always sick and doomed and ego-denying and can only result in Venus being seriously lied to, which could have the net affect of ultimately putting her virginity at risk. And we don’t want that to happen. Ever.

Too, because of the expected fallout from this Venus-Neptune aspect, all of us are severely at risk now in our personal love relationships for approximately the next 24 to 48 hours.  We need to be very careful that we are not deceiving ourselves or being deceived by others.  Even by George Clooney, which is a real shame. Breaks my heart, George.

“The trouble with women is that they get all excited about nothing…and then marry him!” Cher

News Update: Crap! Things are much, much worse than I originally thought and predicted yesterday regarding the sky falling and the corresponding gaping black holes. Have you heard the latest? Now, apparently, the Sun is also exploding in the sky, at a rapid rate, and will be falling to Earth today and tomorrow!!!

So, now, we not only have the blue sky and clouds descending in our backyards, but also big chunks of the red hot burning Sun!!!  I can only imagine what the Sun will do to our lawns! It will be the final straw, I’m sure of it!!!

Now all grass, everywhere, frickin’ everywhere, will have that God-awful, tinged brown, burnout look to it!

From Wikipedia Current Events: “On August 1, 2010, scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, using images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, observed a series of four large “Coronal Mass Ejections” emanating from the Earth-facing hemisphere. They were expected to strike the Earth’s electromagnetic field sometime between August 4 and early August 5.

All four were described as “large” and, according to scientists, possessed enough energy to cause aurorae to be observed by the naked eye in non-polar regions…Aside from the visual effects of the CME series, scientists also fear that electric impulses caused by disruptions in the magnetic field due to the ionized particles may damage infrastructures such as electrical grids and telephone lines not protected against induced magnetic current.

According to Leon Golub, an astronomer at CFA: ‘This eruption is directed right at us and is expected to get here early in the day on August 4th!!! It’s the first major Earth-directed eruption in some time. When such an expulsion reaches Earth, it interacts with the planet’s magnetic field and can create a geomagnetic storm. Solar particles stream down the field lines toward Earth’s poles.  Those particles crash with atoms of nitrogren and oxygen in the atmosphere, which then glow like little neon signs.  Sky watchers in the northern U.S. and other countries should look toward the north late Tuesday or early Wednesday for rippling ‘curtains’ of green and red light.”

Curtains, alright!!! It will probably be curtains for all of us today!!! What the government doesn’t tell us!!! Talking to us about buying electric cars.  Heck: There won’t be any electricity left after today!  The grids are all going to be destroyed!!! Frickin’ Cardinal T-Cross!!!

Famous August 4th Leo Birthdays: Jeff Gordon (39), President Barack Obama (49)

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! I’ll be discussing your horoscope soon, once we’re through this more radioactive phase of the T-Cross and my personal schedule calms down and allows me a chance to review your stars.  Till then, sir, my advice to you is pretty much the same as it is for everyone else during these turbulent times: Continue with the deep breathing and the melodious chanting, ‘Yes we can, yes we can..’ until further notice.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Go find someone to tell your troubles to.

Patrice Thompson

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