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“I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Cosmic Word of The Day”: Wedding

Definition: 1) the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials 2) the act or an instance of blending or joining, esp. opposite or contrasting elements

Origin: bef. 900; ME; OE weddung


It’s finally the grand day of Chelsea Clinton’s “storybook wedding!” A widely heralded event that has much of the collective fixated. And, most assuredly, the proudest moment in both Bill and Hillary’s lives.

Chelsea Clinton, the sweet little Pisces girl that America and the rest of the world has lovingly watched grow up into adulthood, has now become an educated, sophisticated, and beautiful young woman, poised to unite forever with the man of her dreams, Marc Mezvinsky, a Sagittarian investment banker on Wall Street, who owns an apartment on Fifth Avenue and who also hails from political bloodlines. The two have known each other since childhood, which makes today’s occasion even more sentimental and romantic, in my opinion.

Exclusively for this celebrated gathering, Lord of Karma Saturn, which is exalted, and at its finest in matrimonial Libra, becomes a dramatic focal point in the glorious heavens with an exact, energizing conjunction from impassioned Mars, something that hasn’t happened since 1982, when Chelsea was only two years old, and well before the beaming “Father of the Bride,” Bill Clinton, became the 42nd U.S. President.

Wherever Mars travels by zodiacal sign, he accentuates the affairs ruled by that sign, and now, newly-arrived in the marriage sign of Libra, and conjoined with Wise Old Father Time Saturn, Mars has all of our eyes riveted on Chelsea’s pending union.

Also for this singular occasion, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is in trailblazing Aries, and in exact square to Power Mogul Pluto, stationed in the prestigious, achievement-oriented sign of Capricorn the Goat, an influence that has no doubt played a central role, along with Protocol King Saturn, in social Libra, to fashion a much-ballyhooed guest list for this event that includes some of the most powerful and potent “movers and shakers” on the planet, all converging at the same point, at the same moment in time, in Rhinebeck, New York.

This influential Jupiter-Pluto aspect is also getting “A-guest-list support” today from the Exciting Aries Moon, which is tossing a harmonious trine to the very Glamorous and Regal Leo Sun, which is further helping to reportedly reign in a bevy of Hollywood stars and celebrities for the wedding, including Steven Spielberg, Barbara Walters, and Oprah. Also, the glitzy congregation is said to include the incomparable Queen of Song, my gal, Barbra Streisand.

A digressing footnote here: Barbra’s horoscope and my own natal horoscope are very similar.  Both of us are Taurus Suns, with Leo Moons conjunct lone wolf Pluto, and both of us have fiery, adventurous Aries risings. Her rising is 8 Aries, while mine is 2 Aries. I believe our personalities and senses of humor are also very similar from what I have publicly seen of her over the years in the media.  I also totally approve  of her taste in men: James Brolin! If only I could be so lucky, romantically, and had just a mere fraction of her material wealth, I know I’d be one happy camper.

Back to the wedding. Adding even more to the fanfare today, Inspirational Jupiter, which also rules religion and philosophy, is additionally conjoined now with Futuristic, Diversity Agent Uranus, deposited in Pioneering Aries. While this memorable wedding ceremony is taking place between Chelsea, who is Methodist, and Marc, who is Jewish, there will simultaneously, no doubt, continue to be a goodly number of bloggers, and others weighing in, on the matter of interfaith marriages, an issue that Mars and Saturn in Libra, is also helping once again to resurrect now, with their activating opposition to both Jupiter and Uranus. It has not been revealed whether Chelsea will follow her husband’s conservative Jewish faith.

In some ways, pitting the old, customary, Saturnian traditions against the rapidly changing, new, Uranian order of things. Even the wedding menu is largely vegetarian, and the wedding cake, reportedly gluten-free. Although, there will still be the meticulously orchestrated, majestic pageantry of the wedding itself, so dutifully safeguarded by Protocol-Minded Saturn in partnership Libra. Chelsea Clinton will most likely, too, surely look stunning in her $25,000 Vera Wang bridal gown.

“I think with our problems with hopelessness and cynicism that (the solution) ultimately has to come from the young people themselves.  We’ve got to realize we are the future and we make of our future what we make of it, and ultimately we have to do it for ourselves.” Chelsea Clinton

“Many are the stars I see, but in my eye no star like thee.” English saying

Famous July 31st Leo Birthdays: J.K. Rowling (45), Wesley Snipes (48)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Congratulations, Chelsea and Marc! Best Wishes and Much Love. Also, truly happy for Bill and Hillary.

I’ll be back by here again soon.  My schedule is hectic, but leave a light on. For both me and George Clooney, of course. Miracles do occur. The main thing is that we continue to fervently believe in their possibility with every fiber of our being.


Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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