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“The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left.” Jerry M. Wright

“Cosmic Word of The Day”: Volume

Definition: 1) fullness or quantity of tone 2) the degree of sound intensity or audibility 3) the amount of space, measured in cubic units, that an object or substance occupies 4) to be very evident or significant

Origin: 1350-1400; ME volum (e) < MF < L volumen roll (of sheets)


The ever-changing Moon leaves carefree Sagittarius for cautious Capricorn, dramatically activating, yet again, the volatile Cardinal T-Cross. Jolly Jupiter turns “unjolly retrograde” in adventurous Aries exactly square Brooding Pluto. Magnanimous Sun in Leo positively trines, and unabashedly pinches in the butt, Odd Fellow Uranus.


“In the starry sky above, the decibel level is getting louder.

And louder.

The volume knob on the speakers is almost full blast now.

We’re on the verge of going nuts.

Nuts! Nuts! Nuts!

Men in little white coats getting ready to descend upon us from spaceships

To take us away

Away! Away!

What’s really fueling the madness is that they’re blasting us from above with polka music!

And the planets, they’re dancing around like chickens

And quaking like ducks!

Turbulent times that we’re living in, for sure.

No place to hide from the polka music and the incessant, problematic images of accordions.

Katie Couric is even interviewing Sarah Palin about accordions and asking her whether she knows how to play one. Palin finds it difficult to give Katie a definitive answer to the question. It’s scary.  Very scary.

Dance, dance, dance to the T-Square Polka!”

“Some people march to a different drummer – and some people polka.” Unknown source

In all due seriousness today, we have “big stuff” going on in the heavens now and for the next several days. The energy backdrop is very volatile, things are happening pronto, major changes occurring at lightning speed. Some of these may be with the Earth itself as she readies herself to do some heavy “steam cleaning.”

The Moon hovering over the T-Cross and conjunct “Purge Agent” Pluto today signifies key transformational changes are in store. Also, with Moon-Pluto in governmental Capricorn we are again dealing with those ugly, primal “manipulative control issues” and wanting to “seize power” and pounce on others unchecked. So we need to uncharacteristically restrain ourselves, which will help us to create a more effective result in the long run, anyway, with far fewer karmic consequences.

One quick thought here with the Moon-Pluto conjunction today setting off the Jupiter-Pluto square: This is “prime time energy again for all manner of spy stuff!” Perfect day for catching “Big Fish” if we’re willing to handsomely and cleverly bait the hook. No telling the kind of dirt we can find on our fellow man now, if we cast the net wide enough.

Also, other than the spy energy, what I am really loving about today is the Energizing Sun forming an exact trine to Innovator Uranus.  Historically, very cool, out-of-the-ordinary stuff has happened on Sun-Uranus days. In our personal lives, Sun-Uranus days are favorable for trying new, oddball approaches to solving our problems.  These new approaches might just work now, the nature of Uranus is quirky, but also signifies genius!

In the News: President Obama reportedly personally telephoned Shirley Sherrod Thursday, the woman who was embarrassingly axed from the Agriculture Department earlier this week in a rush to judgment. Apparently Obama apologized to Sherrod, which I thought was cool, especially since he was doing so at the most perfect time from a cosmic perspective: Sun in leadership Leo exactly sextile to proper protocol player Saturn in diplomatic Libra. I had blogged yesterday that Sun-Saturn is perfect for extending an olive branch.

Famous July 23rd Cancerian Birthdays: Daniel Radcliffe (21), Monica Lewinsky (37), Slash (45), Don Imus (70)

“My goal is to goad people into saying something that ruins their life.” Don Imus

Enjoy your Friday!

I’m really not polkaphobic.  Some of my best friends are polka dancers.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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