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“The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it but what he becomes of it.” John Ruskin

“Cosmic Word of The Day”: Reward

Definition: 1) something given or received in return or recompense for service, merit, hardship, etc.

Origin: 1275-1325; ME rewarden, orig, to regard


The Illuminating Sun enters glamorous, party-lovin’ Leo today and warmly extends an intimate “sextile party invitation” to Geriatric Saturn, now hanging out all by himself in relationship Libra. The Sun surmises that Saturn is ready and eager to discreetly resume “copulating activities” after that long period of “presumed abstinence” in virginal Virgo.

Feeling sorry for Saturn, the Sun has also included some Viagra with his invitation. He figures Saturn was due this much-needed reward. The big trick now is to find somebody for Saturn to love. Although the Sun’s sextile to Saturn today should help Saturn in the “personal attraction” department. The Sun-Saturn sextile is often an “elevating” influence, a time when we are signaled out and rewarded for our past efforts.

The Sun knows, too, that Saturn has so much on his plate now, seeing that he is prominently involved in that steroidal Cardinal-T-Square with the likes of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, with Mars also joining the hullabaloo on July 29th.

Today, though, Saturn is “chilling out” and relaxing. Enjoying pina coladas and “paint by number” and working on his profile for the internet dating sites. Saturn figures he’s due some slack after the big move into romantic, artistic Libra.

He’s also trying to figure out how to get to the “Love Shack” where the Sun in Leo’s sizzling summer party is being held tonight. He’s heard a lot of “big shots” will be attending, so Saturn is especially looking forward to it, as he is always looking to further himself and enhance his career and status.

He’s normally adept with directions but he’s having a hard time reading the map without his new, pink-framed bifocals, which he has already misplaced again. The glasses were yet another gift from Appearances Queen Venus.

Saturn is squinting at the tiny print on the map and mumbling aloud: “It looks like I go to exit 209, then I turn left at Gibraltar, then I turn right at Bandero, then I go down a hill, then I go 15 miles…

“The tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul.” William B. Yeats

In the News: The issue of “race” jumped to the forefront this week with the sudden termination of that Agricultural Department Official, Shirley Sherrod, who apparently was axed prematurely for some comments that she made on race that were taken out of context.

I thought it interesting that the “confusion and embarrassing firing” occurred with the Sun in Cancer, the sign that rules agriculture, forming an exact challenging quinxqunx (adjustment) influence to nebulous Neptune in the sign of  Aquarius, which deals with equality and humanitarian issues.

Anytime we have Neptune prominent, we are more prone to being undermined and having “things not always being as they appear on the surface.”  Neptune is also associated with scandals and disrepute and Ms. Sherrod’s reputation was suddenly maligned.

We also have Saturn, ruling the past, forming the exact opposition to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, which governs equality issues. The Saturn-Uranus aspect has, unfortunately, stirred up “old wounds” again.

According to reports, Ms. Sherrod may be reinstated back at the Agriculture Department at a new job. Whether she goes back, is another question. Today’s Sun in leadership Leo sextile fence-mending Saturn in diplomatic Libra, would be a good time to further smooth this matter out and formally bestow an olive branch, which I believe was done late yesterday with the Sun-Saturn sextile influence already applying.

If you have an area of your life that needs some “massaging” or “salvaging,” you may also want to try to reach some level of accord or agreement today. Sun sextile Saturn can be very stabilizing and diplomatic, particularly with “peace-keeper” Libra involved. Good day for signing peace treaties.

Famous July 22nd Cancerian Birthdays: David Spade (46), Don Henley (63)

Enjoy your Thursday!

May you reap big rewards today with Sun sextile Saturn.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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