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“Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour springs and germinates no more.” Henri Frederic Amiel

“Cosmic Word of The Day”: Analysis

Definition: 1) the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements 2) this process as a method of studying the nature of something or of determining its essential features and their relations;

Origin: 1575-85; < NL < Gk, equiv. to analy (ein) to loosen up (ana-+ly ein to loosen) + sis


Apart from today, we’ll have to wait another 26 years until we will have both the Moon and Saturn deposited together in the analytical sign of Virgo for the full day. Today, we have not only the Moon and Saturn in Virgo, but also the very sexy Venus and Mars. Making it an even more special day.

Also, for those new to astrology, the keywords for Virgo are “I analyze.” So we have a lot of rare analytical energy at our disposal now to figure things out for our lives. Perhaps, today is the day that we’ll be able to solve, or get keen insight into, some things that have been bugging us or derailing us for a while, so we can finally move forward.

We also know that wherever “Taskmaster Saturn” goes, is always B-I-G.  And, now Saturn is at the very end, the very last degree of Virgo.  Saturn first went into Virgo in September of 2007.

Too, with Saturn getting plenty of added support from the other planets now, before it leaves Virgo on July 21st for Libra, it could mean that we are readying ourselves for some kind of “big climatic finish” now.

Or, perhaps there is one thing in particular that the Universe maybe wants us to focus on, and figure out now, before Saturn bids analytical Virgo farewell and our mental faculties dramatically recede.

Of course, there are certainly enough serious problems and situations ongoing in the world today that demand our finest analysis and problem-solving abilities.

There is one elusive issue, however, that may be most important of all, over the long-term.  And, that is: How to get a date with actor George Clooney? Don’t you agree? It’s as if everything else pales in comparison at the end of the day, when you seriously think about it. I am almost 100% certain now that this must be the one singular issue that the Universe is hoping we solve now, especially since Venus and Mars are intimately involved and eloquently panting in the background and the perpetuation of the entire human species could be at hand.

“I’m the flavor of the month.” George Clooney

Famous July 15th Cancerian Birthdays: Forest Whitaker (49), Kim Alexis (50), Linda Ronstadt (64)

Enjoy your Thursday!

Let me know if you crack the “George riddle.”  Time’s quickly running out for us, but let’s try to remain positive here. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait another sorrowful 26 years. I don’t believe my heart could take it, George.

Written by Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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