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“In the womb we are blind cave fish.” Jim Morrison

“Cosmic Word of The Day”: Womb

Definition: 1) the uterus of the female and certain higher mammals 2) the place in which anything is formed or produced 3)the interior of anything 4) Obsolete . the belly

Origin: bef. 900 ME, OE: belly, womb; c. D wam, G wamme; Goth wamba belly; cf wamus


A very big day on tap!

Powerful cosmic influences at play.

First off, we have Mental Mercury in Creative, Entertaining Leo exactly trining Expansive, Optimistic Jupiter in “Self-Discovery” Aries. This is a very favorable communication influence and a HUGE aspect for summoning forth and unleashing our personal talents and gifts. New doors could suddenly open up for us as a result of showcasing our unique abilities.

With Mercury-Jupiter, we are also better able to see the “big picture” (Jupiter), as well as agreeably solve situations that may have previously been at an impasse.

Also, our self-confidence soars as does our ability to speak convincingly with authority (Leo).

Historically on a collective level, Mercury-Jupiter has often correlated with major advancements in communication and transportation. It’s also great for diplomatic efforts.

For example, CNN was launched with Mercury-Jupiter.  The Charles DeGaulle Airport opened under this influence. Jupiter also rules the law and courts and with “Decision-Maker” Mercury conjunct “Protective” Jupiter the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Miranda Rights. Also, the Iranian hostages were released in 1981 the day Mercury was trine Jupiter.

Secondly, and also dramatically enhancing the power of the Mercury-Jupiter energy today, we have Pioneering, Energetic Mars in the Health and Employment Sign of Virgo harmoniously and exactly sextiling the Sun (Solar Eclipse). Sun-Mars days are always B-I-G for discoveries and blazing new trails. Generally a key time when we can really “leap forward,” both individually and collectively.

Mars, in the sign of Virgo, especially favors health research and medical breakthroughs, as well as any type of endeavor that involves intricate investigation and thorough attention to detail.

This Sun-Mars aspect has been building for a few days and we did just hear about positive movement towards an HIV vaccination this week. (The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in discovery Aries square to Pluto, which rules research and sexually transmitted diseases, may have also figured in prominently here.)

The Sun-Mars will be in effect for a few more days. It is a potentially positive influence, too, for the delicate placement of the new cap on the BP oil pipe.

Too, if you’re looking for a job, as so many of us are, now is a propitious time to do so, as Virgo does rule work and Sun-Mars rules fresh starts. Also, it’s favorable time for implementing a new positive health regimen (Virgo).

Thirdly. We have the Major New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of maternal, familial Cancer (at 3:41 pm EDT.) New Moons are always times for new beginnings and the Eclipse only magnifies the impact and magnitude of them.

With this Eclipse taking place in the home and family sign of Cancer, I believe we are feeling a strong need and desire to return to our past, our roots. Specifically we’re seeking to return to the womb.

Of course, logistically I know this desire could pose real physical challenges, as most of us are now full-grown adults with weight issues.

Too, after a close examination of the planets, I have compiled an urgent, “top ten list” for the “powers that be,” of why we should be allowed to gain re-entry into the womb, ASAP:

10) Free room and board, even though the “view” is rather limited

9) We can swim around all day

8)  No need for sunscreen

7 ) Don’t have to worry about “wardrobe malfunctions”

6) No need for expensive plastic surgery

5) Don’t have to pay taxes

4) We can suck our thumbs

3) No housework

2) We can perfect our kickboxing technique

And the number one reason we must gain re-entry into the womb immediately:

1) We figure it’s a pretty safe haven from Sarah Palin

“What’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick.” Sarah Palin

Famous July 11th Cancerian Birthdays: David Henrie (21) “Octomom” Nadya Suleman (35).  Boy, does she fit in today! Hers may be the most famous womb in the world!

Enjoy your Sunday!

I promise, I won’t tell Sarah Palin where you are. (Love ya’, Sarah!)

Written by Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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