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“There are people who have money and people who are rich.” Coco Chanel

“Cosmic Word of The Day”: Money

Definition: 1) a commodity or asset, such as gold, an officially issued currency, coin, or paper note that can be legally exchanged for something equivalent, such as goods or services

Also known as Moola, dinero, bread, or cash

Origin: 1250-1300;  ME moneie < MF < L moneta mint, money

Cosmic Weather:

We’re not greedy.

All we’re asking for is a cool, gentle breeze.

Enough bills dropping from the Sacred Money Tree so we can maybe get us a new microwave oven.


And acquisition.

Both are on our minds today, as the Moon slowly, deliberately moves through the steady, practical sign of Taurus the Bull.

A time to dig in and fortify our sense of security.

“Life shouldn’t be printed on dollar bills.” Clifford Odets

Famous July 6th Cancerian Birthdays: 50 Cent (33), Sylvester Stallone (63)

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Go pick yourself a bushel of bills.

Written by Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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