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“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be truth.” Arthur Conan Doyle Sr.

Man alive…what a frickin’ day to be a fortune-teller!

Mercury square Mars. Jupiter conjunct Uranus.  Saturn quinqunx Neptune.

The Universe is being a big royal pain in the butt putting all this heavy stuff on my humble plate to decipher, after I’ve been vacuuming all day and am plum tired. Plus, I’m almost out of vacuum bags. A terrifying thought.

Why the heck I picked this type of career this time around is beyond me.  All I know is next time I’m coming back as a rich politician with all the perks on Capitol Hill.  I’m sick and tired of working so hard and getting so very little respect.

I can’t even afford a good vacuum to suck up all the filth and dirt around me. Instead I have had to hire a poor Democrat to do that and he’s threatening to go on strike for low wages.

Well, I’m sorry.  But times are tough and people have had to cut way, way back on their fortune-telling expenditures and that’s all I can afford to pay.  Plus I noticed an elephant-size dustball was missed in the corner of the spare bedroom.  Not very thorough. I bet a Republican would have done a much better job and would have been much more accountable.

Also, would you believe my crystal ball has even signed a warrant for my arrest for defaming it the other night for saying the pea soup in it looked like green Kool-Aid?

Well, again, I’m sorry Crystal Ball, but a spade is a spade and I call things as I see them!


Crystal Ball, get frickin’ over it!

I also know the Ball is probably just trying to litigate to get money from me, but the gig is not going to work. I’m wise to you, Ball.  I can see through you, except when you’re having sex and you’re all fogged up.  Or, like the other night, when Neptune crossed your path and you turned “liar, liar, pants on fire green.”

What I think I’m also going to do here is re-post the green Crystal Ball photo from the earlier blog in question and let you take a look at it, as evidence to clear me.

Now, doesn’t that look like green Kool-Aid to you?  It doesn’t look like pea soup green, does it?

I rest my case.

The Crystal Ball is nothing but an opportunist and a leech.  Trying to defraud me of my hard-earned money.

Anyway, the gig is over for all of us today, I’m sad to say. This is because another Crystal Ball that I have is revealing to me two detectives hovering over a counter at a doughnut shop in Fargo, North Dakota.  Whenever that Ball shows me this scenario it means we are all close to being busted, especially if  both of the detectives are eating jelly rolls, which in this case, they are.  I worry less when they’re eating chocolate doughnuts.

Plus, as corroborating evidence for this clairvoyant prediction, we have fast-talker Mercury square law enforcement Mars today which always screams “busted” big time!  Too, Mars is in meticulous, highly detailed Virgo, so he probably has photos and fingerprints of all of our indiscretions. Mercury in loudmouth Gemini has also no doubt ratted on us and helped Mars to develop the photos and process the fingerprints. We have to put up with Mercury’s little butt for two more weeks in this tattle-tale sign.

No, expect to pay some measure of bail today to reclaim your freedom after you’re busted.  That will probably end up putting you in a pissy mood for the rest of the day, so watch your temper as well.

On the plus side, we do have lovable Venus in nurturing Cancer wanting to pick up elderly men in retirement centers today by way of Venus’s sextile to Saturn in Virgo.  Again, this sextile influence will only work if there is enough Viagra to go around for all the men in the center.  Saturn is also in that odd quinqunx relationship to Drug-Purveyor Neptune, so I’m not sure the supply will be sufficient.  Venus and Saturn may need to resort to more natural methods, but with Mercury square sexy Mars there could be some problems here and fuses may be too short for total gratification. Again, bigger is always better.

Getting busted. Posting bail. Pissy mood. Also, if you have any free time left, another B-I-G day for breakthrough discoveries, hula hoop type inventions, serious investigations, figuring things out. Try to refrain, however, from launching any full-scale wars.

The matter of the Venus-Saturn quest for geriatric sex.   I imagine there will be some rekindling of the old glory days among the guys.

In the News:

In my blog yesterday, I wrote tongue and cheek about symbolically digging up and uncovering dirt, how that may be appropriate now with inquisitive Mercury in Gemini and energetic Mars in analytical “clean freak” Virgo, both superb placements for fact-finding and analysis. I also mentioned the monumental Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which facilitates sudden realizations.

Did you hear about the Arlington National Cemetery scandals that were reported in the media on Thursday? Over 200 military graves have problems with misidentification or improper record keeping, plus there are other anomalies at the cemetery. Heads have already started to roll there. Unfortunately, I may have been onto something inadvertently about “the dirt” on another level (the graves) and didn’t even know it.

Aries is also the zodiacal sign that rules the military. I think this is yet another manifestation of the Jupiter-Uranus in Aries conjunction which can yield some very wild findings and discoveries, especially with Mars in Virgo in the background doing the thorough investigating. I think probably we have a lot of more of this type of thing ahead of us.  Also there is increasing investigation and scrutiny into the BP oil spill and what really went on there and whether our government may have lied to us.

This Arlington Cemetery scandal also hit with Mercury separating from deception Neptune, often a time when we can hear about weird stuff that may have been a cover-up.  Too, transiting Mercury was applying to an exact square to Mars when this story broke.  Mars  is also connected to war and military issues as the planetary ruler of Aries.  I have observed in my astrological research whenever we have strong Mars aspects, usually the square aspects, we have breaking news stories that are often unprecedented in nature.  Mars rules aggression, too, so often the stories have this element to them in some capacity.

This update: The NYT is reporting that the Pope today begged forgiveness from God and victims of child sexual abuse by priests and vowed that everything would be done in the Church to prevent this situation from ever happening again.  The Pope’s remarks came during a homily in St. Peter’s square to end the Church’s “Year of the Priest” celebrations.  The Pope also said that the Church would enact stronger controls on choosing men who enter the priesthood.

These remarks coming from the Pope are coinciding with the exact square today from Mercury in Gemini to Mars in the “chastity sign” of Virgo the Virgin.  Mars not only rules aggression, as I mentioned earlier, it also rules sex, and Mercury rules younger people, so symbolically, the “square aspect” also captures the abuse.  The priests “are busted,” their activities caught, going along with the “arrest theme” of today’s blog. We are also coming off that exact square from Mercury to Neptune which would symbolize “communication from the Pope” and it can be pertaining to deceptive or hidden cover-up matters (Neptune).

Mercury also rules words and conversation, so we have the airing or communication of this topic in public.  As I also wrote earlier in my blog, Mercury Mars has a way of disclosing “firsts” or unprecedented events, especially now with the backdrop of the Jupiter/Uranus discovery conjunction.

Saturn in “pure, fix the problem Virgo” is also moving into that exact quinqunx or adjustment aspect again with Neptune and Neptune often represents the Pope and spiritual matters and Saturn lays down the law and can be very punishing. This aspect, though, on the positive side, could bring about the changes the Pope is referring to, as the quinqunx here can be powerful. In the meantime, it can also be a very painful time, when our dreams and hopes (Neptune) can temporarily dissolve under the press of reality (Saturn).

I think this Saturn-Neptune influence is also really waking us up now to the fact of the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico and we’re all very disgusted about it and feeling very disillusioned and very depressed because so little seems to be getting done here in the way of stopping the flow of oil. And, we also don’t know who may be lying to us – but expect full clarification here in the weeks to come with Mars now in investigation Virgo! (Neptune rules the sea and oil, deception; Saturn rules depression, often a fallout from Neptunian-ruled disillusionment.)  This is a hard karma aspect for the planet, but we will get through this.  Jupiter and Uranus portends great things, interventions at some point.  Wonder what kind of miracles and records at the 2010 World Cup?  Aries also rules sports!

June 11th birthdays: Jacques Yves Cousteau, Joe Montana

Enjoy your Friday! Do some cool communicating with the Gemini Moon, just don’t lose your cool.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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