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“Our inventions mirror our secret wishes.” Lawrence Durrell

It would be so helpful if someone could invent a delightful “speed dial feature” that I could add to my Crystal Ball that would allow me to expedite my fortune-telling capabilities and thereby free me up for other fun-filled activities such as vacuuming or maybe extensive removal of offensive tea or coffee stains from my soiled laundry.

It is highly embarrassing and bad feng shui energy to have stained laundry in the clothes hamper when you know that, at any minute, it could get discovered by space aliens. I hardly sleep at night anymore, I am so worried about the unsightly stains and my lack of time to remove them and how this dilemma may keep me from voyaging to new galaxies.

Too, all my life I have wanted more time for vacuuming, and I’m talking serious vacuuming here involving the use of several dirt bags. Done properly, and with deliberate, heartfelt effort, vacuuming can be such an intimate and incredibly mind-altering experience, especially when you live alone, and you’re female, and can seductively draw the curtains all the way back.

I know, too, that I would rather listen to the sound of a vacuum than even to a symphony by any of the world’s greatest composers. There’s just something about a vacuum pitch that is so reassuring and comforting. So primal.

As a woman, too, I know that my loyal vacuum will always be there for me to hold on to, unlike some of the dirt bag men I’ve known in my life who eagerly sucked out my contents and then suddenly vanished into thin air, not even leaving me a trail of dust to spit on and vacuum up afterwards.

The reason I am opening up and finally sharing with you my private vacuum wish today, something I have wanted to reveal to you for quite a while now, and also assorted details of my previous romantic encounters, and fervid desire for a speed dialer for my Crystal Ball, is because today in the cosmos we are deeply, deeply privileged to have impinging upon our cerebral consciousness the divine movement of “Thought Keeper” Mercury into intellectually-curious Gemini (1:41 am EDT), the communication sign, that it proudly rules.

Mercury here elevates our curiosity, accelerates our thinking, and makes us ravenous for information and conversation.

We also have an opportunity for colossal discoveries and the possibility of new inventions now because this Winged Creature will be aligning today with both expansive Jupiter and genius Uranus via the stimulating sextile aspect, assuming everyone has taken their Viagra, of course.

So, Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus together as one, spells B-I-G Day for the collective for brainy ideas that can change and transform the world. I am very excited about the possibilities of this energy.

By the way, here’s one obscure piece of astrological trivia for you that sort of fits right in here: Triple A Motor Club, the travel-related entity, came into being on a creative Mercury sextile Uranus day. Mercury pertains to both communication and transportation. Uranus, as most of us know, ushers in the new. Triple A was a pretty big deal, and more novel (Uranus) concept for travelers at the time (Mercury) – and it’s still around.

Meanwhile, the Moon changes from placid Taurus to Mercury’s very own restless Gemini sign today (at 6:12 pm EDT).  The evening time may bring an even more accelerated pace to the cosmic energy, but we are also more potentially combative with a square to Mars. Vacuuming is highly advisable as an intelligent way to vent now. Especially for single women who have done their laundry.

“I’m not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on.” Roseanne Barr

This Update:

Just in to my attention from reporter Mercury in Gemini sextile Jupiter/Uranus in discovery Aries: Oldest example of a leather shoe has been discovered by archaeologists in a cave in Armenia.  It supposedly predates Stonehenge by 400 years and the Pyramids of Giza by 1,000 years. Researches say it was made from a single strip of leather and was made to fit the wearer’s foot. Wonder if it may need a little vacuuming? Can you imagine all the microscopic dirt and dust that must be on it. We will probably need a powerful industrial-size vacuum for this cleaning, don’t you think? Something energetic Mars in cleanaholic Virgo can easily handle.

Ironically, when I woke up this morning, I was thinking how it may just be our very karma and higher destiny now to clean and discover beaucoup amounts of new dirt all around us with this Jupiter/Uranus discovery energy and passionate Mars in pristine Virgo to guide us. I’m sure curious Mercury in Gemini today, too, will be able to scope out all the unlimited filth about each and everyone of us that’s fit to print and put on the internet.   What a mind-boggling day to be a reporter!

Also, on a more serious note, with this powerful energy for cleaning now, maybe some genius will finally be able to figure out how to clean up the tragic mess in and along the Gulf. Mars will be in thorough Virgo until the end of July, perfect for devising new clean up strategies, especially along side Jupiter and Uranus.

Event in history on this date:

John F. Kennedy signs into law “for equal pay for equal work” for men and women on June 10, 1963. Pioneering Mars was in Virgo, the sign of work, conjunct (together with) Uranus, the freeing planet of equality.  How cool is that?

June 10th birthdays:

John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer (Wow, something in the cosmic drinking water for June 10th?)

Also, adding a new daily feature here.  “The Cosmic Word for the Day.” Today’s Cosmic Word can actually be two words or one word: “Dust mite” or “Dustmite.” With Mercury, ruler of words, entering dual-bodied Gemini today, I thought it would be appropriate to have a word with two spellings.

Enjoy your Thursday! Find a way to unearth your dream and make it fit into your life today along side that prehistoric shoe.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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