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“When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain.” William Shakespeare.

With the entrance of Mercury, ruler of words, into the dual-bodied sign of Gemini the Twins today, and its throwing of literary sextile aspects to voracious Jupiter and innovative Uranus in the new beginnings sign of Aries, I thought it would be timely to roll out a new daily blog entitled, “Cosmic Word of The Day.”

For this very first blog, I have chosen “Dustmite” or “Dust Mite” as the word (or words) of the day, in celebration of Mercury’s ingress into dual-natured Gemini.  In selecting this word, I am also keeping in mind Mars earlier passage this week into neat freak Virgo.

Also, tomorrow the dust will really be flying, as loquacious Mercury and warrior Mars will be squaring off in the heavens.

Perhaps, too, by choosing this word, dustmite, it will instill a fair amount of Saturnian guilt in all of us to do some thorough dusting and cleaning. You know, too, that guilt-monger Saturn is also still in fussy Virgo. (Also, please check out my daily astrology blog horoscope for today, June 10, for more on the infinite joys of vacuuming.)

Merriam-Webster’s Online Search describes dust mite as “any of various mites (especially from family Pyroglyphidae) commonly found in house dust.”

In closing, may this joyful Cosmic Word “dustmite” be with you till tomorrow, when we meet again, at which time I will have a new Cosmic Word ready and waiting for you.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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