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“Lying is done with words and also with silence.” Adrienne Rich

The Crystal Ball is serving me up lumpy pea soup today and that can only mean one thing: Deceptive Neptune’s in the kitchen again and up to no good in the culinary department!

The spacey guy can never follow a frickin’ recipe! All he ever wants to do is improvise and smoke pot. He can’t even get the pea soup color right. Just look at it in the Crystal Ball! Does that look like pea soup to you? No, it looks like Kool-Aid and who knows what the heck he has spiked it with!

What’s a humble fortune-teller like me suppose to do in the way of concocting an intelligible forecast for the collective looking at that sorry green blob?

And, to make matters worse, vagrant Neptune’s gone ahead and kidnapped Thought-Keeper Mercury in wealthy Taurus, by way of the “square aspect,” and is now demanding ransom so he can allegedly take cooking classes, but we know better.

Horoscope readers: Beware! Beware!

Be on guard today against any, and all manner of, sordid and sundry individuals, who deliberately twist the truth, most likely to gain handsome monetary advantages – and I’m not just talking the usual broke and depressed Pisces relatives here.

Neptunian deception may be lurking all around us, even on seemingly pristine kitchen counter tops and just-flushed toilet bowls, so please, please be careful. Carry lots of anti-bacterial spray cleaner with you, especially good-looking single women on blind dates need to do this now big time.

One more thing. We need to avoid falling prey to our own assortment of goofy ideas today, the delusional ones that don’t make any sense on paper, especially if they involve a forfeiture of any cash on our part. If you must give someone cash today, only pay them with Monopoly money.

Other than the Mercury square Neptune fanfare, which by the way, is sensational for artistic or musical expression, all else is pretty quiet on the cosmic front.

We still have the life-altering Jupiter conjunct Uranus in explosive Aries and Mars in Virgo throwing hand grenades at the twosome, but that’s getting a little boring.

Also, the self-indulgent, always keeping her cool, affable Taurus Moon is expectantly choosing to turn a deaf ear, of course, to any of the more discordant surroundings,  preferring instead to luxuriate peacefully at the spa receiving costly beauty treatments and eating soothing chocolate. She advises all of us to do the same. The way she sees it, the matter of Uranian revolution can wait until after she’s at least had a pedicure.

In the News: US scientists have found further evidence that huge seas existed long ago on Mars. So, cool!  Again, just more proof to the discovery power of the current incredible Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in exploratory Aries. If you go back in history with this aspect, it’s always been big for the discovery front pipeline.

Also, GM announced Tuesday that it is recalling 1.53 million cars and trucks for fire risk. Did I tell you that Jupiter conjunct Uranus in fiery Aries also has major combustible overtones to it, particularly with Mars in Virgo antagonizing that pair now with that weird quinqunx aspect, that no one knows how to pronounce?

Always something new to be concerned about, isn’t there?  That’s life!

June 9th birthdays: Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp

Enjoy your Wednesday! Remember, don’t fall for get-rich-quick schemes and don’t eat any of Neptune’s cooking. It sucks.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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